ERGO — Interview with Head of Mobile Innovation

Jan 20, 2017 · 3 min read

An interview with the Head of ERGO Mobile Innovation, Markus Kiessling.

Significa: Hello Markus, first of all thank you for getting along with this interview. We want to talk about your experience on working with Significa.

Markus: Sure!

S: First question so the readers know how our partnership started: how did you find us?

M: Well, as you now know insurance companies are worried that they are losing touch with their future customers. Especially young people are looking for simpler and more focused insurance offerings.

We were invited to a Hackathon in London to work on ideas for the future of insurance, but we were missing a designer. At the time, a friend of ours had told me about Significa, so I already knew about you. As you remember, my friend connected us and the next weekend you were with us in London.

Carroussel Illustrations

S: Yes, of course I remember, I had a great time working with you and your team. Can you tell the readers how and why we started working together?

M: Yes, of course. After experiencing first-hand how you work, I thought we should give it a try. The interfaces you had created at the Hackthon really stood out, it was easy to convince my boss. Besides, you and your team are actually our target audience — your age and interests is exactly what ERGO is looking for as future customers. Why not let the target audience design our products of the future?

S: Thanks, I couldn’t agree more. Our first project together was the ERGO “Unfall App” (accident insurance). What are your thoughts on the outcome?

M: We’re super happy. ERGO is super happy, the illustrations are beautiful and the results have been great.

S: We are glad we were able to contribute. We often say we don’t have clients but we have partners instead. How did it feel to work with us?

M: Yes, I mean, the first time we met was quite informal. I think from there our relationship followed the same pattern. So, now that you ask I definitely don’t feel I am your client. We’re closer much closer then that and our direct communication with your team reflects that.

S: With that answer, our readers might end up wondering that it’s all fun and we don’t deliver?

M: Oh! Of course not. I think you guys are professionals and deliver on time. Having a good personal relationship on top of that for me makes it fun but also results in better results. That’s why we kept woking together.

S: Thanks, Markus! Last question: Would you recommend us to others?

M: I definitely would as I did already to other ERGO branches. You guys did a great job, you delivered on time and on budget as well.

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