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Cinema Begins, Hollywood Collides, Machines Rise, and Sculpture Softens

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Announcing the August exhibition at : six : shot : gallery

Bonnie Lautenberg on ‘Artistica!’

Throughout history, artists have always been influenced by some force going on in the world around them. I started thinking about how artists who work in different art forms might have influenced each other. When I started working on this project, I used a film still from one of my most favorite movies, Splendor in The Grass with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Growing up, I was obsessed with both these stars and I adored this movie. I paired it with a Jasper Johns map of the United States, a series I always adored by Johns. Both projects were done in 1961…

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Do you do art? If you are a practising artist (or know someone who is) please scroll down to the end of this newsletter to see guidelines for the next round of submissions for the Signifier : six : shot : gallery…

Recently published in Signifier:

The Subjective Objects of Claes Oldenburg

Often referred to as ‘the soft sculpture guy’, Claes Oldenburg is best remembered for his monumental Pop Art in public spaces — for making the unremarkable remarkable and changing our relationship with everyday things. After all, it’s the ‘little things’ that sometimes matter most. Privileged beginnings and a Punk ethos preceded the Pop aesthetic that remains deceptively profound…

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It’s Still Moving

The appetite for film grew from the Victorian craze for stereograms and the ensuing pier-end Mutoscopes that used the ‘flip-book’ method to create moving pictures, often revealing ‘what the butler saw’. Cinema started out as the stuff of quick-thrill sideshows, a form of novelty entertainment having more in common with a stage conjuror or burlesque show than it did with fine art or literature. It was immediately popular, though many of its pioneers thought it was just a fad.…

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Rise and Fall of the Machine Man

No one really knew what to make of Rock Drill, including its creator, the sculptor Jacob Epstein. In 1913, the imposing ‘monster’ was unlike anything else, perhaps more akin to a work of science fiction than fine art. A human form resembling some sort of cybernetic fusion of flesh and machine straddles a powerful drill, braced at the apex of its three shanks. A foetus-like form is carved into the humanoid’s abdomen — implying the future as well as man’s latent yearning to birth his progeny through the dynamic…

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From the archives of Signifier, August 2019:

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

At the time it was painted, circa 1500, this would have been a stunningly original and modern work. This folding triptych is believed to have been commissioned for the altar of a private chapel in one of the grand houses of Brussels, and it is now restored to its ‘original glory’ and displayed in the Prado, Madrid, where I stood before it on a recent visit.…

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Artists Submit Your Six Shots!

The Signifier : six : shot : gallery is an online exhibition opportunity, now inviting submissions from visual artists to be featured in one of the monthly solo showcases for autumn 2022 and spring 2023. The online gallery will focus on a different artist every month.

Each exhibition will showcase just six images by each artist, or creative entity. The six images should be linked in some understandable way — perhaps from the same project, series or dealing with related subjects. They may be linked by aesthetics, techniques, processes, philosophies, formal or conceptual elements. (Please note that there is a maximum of 12 exhibition slots available per annum, so please don’t be disappointed or discouraged should your work not be selected.)

The six images will be accompanied by an artist’s statement of no more than 800 words that does not necessarily explain the work but lends insight into meaning and may inform deeper engagement with the viewer. The statement should be titled using this format: Name of Series — Name of Artist

Art must be the sole creation of the artist, or creative entity, and intended to be viewed as a 2D image. No sculpture or 3D work will be considered at present. Acceptable media include, fine art photography, drawings, painting, collage, prints, digital, etc. The curator favours concept-driven work that is visually adventurous.

The Six Shot Gallery is hosted on the Medium platform, so the administration and maintenance costs will be met by reader and member contribution, not the exhibitors. Therefore, it will remain free to submit for the foreseeable future and no ‘virtual hanging fee’ will be charged. The online galleries will remain globally accessible to non-members to maximise exposure for the artists and their works. The artists may include a link to their agent, dealer, or preferred sales site, where visitors can purchase works. The Six Shot Gallery will charge zero commission for this.

If accepted for exhibition by the Signifier : six : shot : gallery, the six images should not appear elsewhere in the digital realm for the first month of their online exhibition. Exemptions to this rule include social media promoting the exhibition, artists’ personal websites, and any related press coverage. Apart from this agreement, The Six Shot Gallery has no further control outside of the scheduled month of exhibition and copyright always remains with the author of the works.

IMAGE REQUIREMENTS — NOTE: These Have Been Updated for 2022
Images must be good quality scans, ideally in portrait format (taller than they are broad), and with a width of at least 700 pixels across and minimum resolution of 72ppi, submitted as .jpg or .png files. (Larger images will be automatically downsized so the Medium Host can best optimise them for smartphone and tablet viewing, which is by far their dominant audience.)

Note that images posted in the digital domain can be downloaded by third parties and therefore artists may choose to include a digital watermark within the image code. Image files should be named using this format: ArtsistsName_TitleOfWork_Date.jpg

The Medium platform provides what is the online equivalent of a ‘white cube gallery’ and prioritises accessibility across various devices and platforms. The images will be shown in one of two layouts which are either a grid of six or a scrolling column. The artist’s statement will be appended below. Layout and presentation is at the sole discretion of the curator.

The host and curator is Remy Dean and initial contact and inquiries should be sent by e-mail via his website or make contact with a Direct Message via Twitter — both methods accessible at Remy’s Medium Profile.

IMPORTANT: By submitting you indicate that you have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined above and grant permission for The Six Shot Gallery to show the works for, at least, one full calendar month if accepted.

We look forward to receiving some exciting art from you!
There are example exhibitions to see here.

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