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Glass, Dragons, Trees, and Sheep

Announcing the April Exhibition at : six : shot : gallery

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Science Through the Art of Glass

It’s hard to believe that the super-detailed scientific replicas, collectively known as The Blaschka Models, are made from glass. Firstly, the mind boggles at the sheer skill and precision. Secondly, one wonders how they’ve survived for a century or more. I mean, imagine handling one of the life-size jellyfish models, or the magnified models of microscopic single cell radiolarians with their hair-fine spines. Imagine making one! Which is all we can do, because the unique techniques employed by the father and son duo have been forgotten...

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Nine Dragons in a Handscroll

In thirteenth-century China, Chen Rong was recognised as the dragon-master. His legendary handscroll painting of The Nine Sons of the Dragon, imbued with magical powers to control the weather, was intended for a Taoist temple but would be coveted by collectors and Emperors. First catalogued in 1244, his masterpiece was famous throughout the land and became the reference work for other artists when rendering dragons. Indeed, the Dragon Screen of the Forbidden City itself was based on it, by Imperial decree…

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Klimt’s Tree Paintings

For many, the name Gustav Klimt conjures imagery of figures engulfed by symbol-crammed patterns and loads of gold leaf that lends them the vibe of religious icons. Or sprawling architectural friezes packed with mythological narratives and allegorical motifs. Yet he was also an accomplished, and innovative, landscape painter…

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From the archives of Signifier, April 2020:

Michelangelo, Working for God

Michelangelo explained that the youthful face of the Virgin was based on memories of his own mother, who died when he was five. This, and the intention to show her as eternal and incorruptible, led to the Mary of Pietà appearing far more youthful and serene than most other treatments of this subject. The sculpture is naturalistic, though not realistic. Both figures are anatomically correct, but the proportioning has been adapted for reasons of balance and symbolism…

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