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Memory, Philosophy, Science, and Structure

Announcing the March Exhibition at : six : shot : gallery

Gwen Vaughan on ‘Structure’

Patterns derived from different sources — music notation, geometry, repetitions, and sequences. Sometimes quite formal geometries, such as grids are used, but also more complicated forms such as tetrahedrons and using these to flip between 2D and 3D imagery. The paintings also use chance processes — scratching, scraping, pitting, etc. which are combined with fairly precise geometric structures…

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Signifier’s Six Shot gallery showcases just six images linked by aesthetics, techniques, processes, philosophies, formal or conceptual elements. The accompanying statement by the artist may not necessarily explain the work but will help build a deeper and more meaningful engagement with it.

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A School (of Athens) Reunion

With his painting The School of Athens, completed c.1511, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, or simply Raphael, explicitly proclaimed that the Renaissance was indeed the continuation of classical Greek culture. It’s the best known of the sixteen large frescos and panels he and his team were commissioned to paint in 1508 for a suite of four rooms in the Vatican Papal Palace. It’ a surprisingly subversive picture to be so prominently positioned in the heart of the Vatican and Raphael managed to sneak in some provocative content and still get approval…

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Lest We Forget: Topolski’s 20th Century

It wasn’t exactly a ‘hidden gem’, but you had to know it was there. Chances are that if you disembarked at Waterloo station for the South Bank Centre and its Hayward Gallery, you’d stroll past the arches of Hungerford Bridge and possibly miss the signage for Feliks Topolski’s studio. Which would be a shame because behind its unassuming facade there was an extraordinary exhibition of the artist’s life and works, brought together in a cohesive mixed media walk-though ‘collage’, 600 feet long…

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Watch the Birdie

This stunning painting is a narrative that was very much of its moment and still poses questions to us in the twenty-first century about our attitudes to advancements in science. At almost two-and-a-half metres across, it’s the largest of Joseph Wright’s candlelight pictures. Although he also painted portraits in the Rococo style, similar to Thomas Gainsborough, he’s best remembered for moody landscapes and dramatically lighted paintings of scientific subjects. Joseph Wright of Derby was one of the most accomplished English painters of the eighteenth-century and the beautiful precision of this oil on canvas painting attests to this…

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From the archives of Signifier, March 2020:

The Fine Line Between Decoration and Decadence

Aubrey Beardsley was a fine draughtsman, an innovative artist and his most famous works are prints devised for book illustration. Although his career was short, due to his early death of tuberculosis at the age of 25, and marred by controversy, his distinctive style and simplicity of line was a huge influence that can be seen in many illustrators and artists since, including comic artists and graphic designers…

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