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Nature, Reality, Guts, and Girls…

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Tim Pugh on ‘Cycles’

I view these environments as open studios in which to experiment and develop new ideas. They include woodlands, beaches, old factories and a particular stretch of cyclepath next to the Western Fells in Ennerdale, West Cumbria. Recently, I have focused on creating temporary installations on the cyclepath, working with natural and man-made materials in response to the flora and fauna along with the historical legacy related to the area...

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Signifier’s Six Shot is a new online gallery that showcases just six images by each artist. These images are linked in an understandable way — perhaps from the same project, series or dealing with related subjects. They may be linked by aesthetics, techniques, processes, philosophies, formal or conceptual elements. The accompanying statement by the artist may not necessarily explain the work but will help build a deeper and more meaningful engagement with it.

Recently published in Signifier:

Seeing Through it All

Franz Marc predominantly painted animals. Or to be precise, he animalised his paintings. His art was driven by a philosophical exploration of nature and by interrogating the nature of reality itself. As I understand it, Marc was beginning to build upon the concept of animism — that all things have within them an animating spirit. However, he was pushing past this notion toward a belief that these spirits were actually facets of one ‘unifying spirit’, of which we were once also a part…

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Devour, Digest, Defecate

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye is the ‘bad boy’ of contemporary art, an agent provocateur who became notorious in the early twenty-first century when he built a machine that mimicked the human digestive system. The Cloaca is a large contraption that he developed after much research with biologists, chemists, medics and manufacturers. It was a process of collaboration that extends beyond the artist and across several disciplines not usually associated with fine art. When activated, Cloaca needs food to function so the installation also requires a kitchen and a chef to prepare its two square meals a day…

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Lady of Light

In the mid-1800s, becoming a photographer was like joining a cult. These new alchemists shared their arcane knowledge and put each other in touch with suppliers of strange and dangerous chemicals. Joining the cult and acquiring one of the little magic boxes wasn’t cheap either. So, early photographers tended to be aristocrats who were acquainted. Clementina, Lady Hawarden, was among the first female photographers and forged her own genre to light the way for fashion and fine art…

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