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Serene Virgins, Industrial Ruins, a Parakeet, and a Mermaid

Announcing the December Exhibition at signifier : six : shot : gallery

James Milne on ‘Memory and Oblivion’

When researching a site, I’m drawn toward the periphery, recording overlooked or prosaic traces. This includes photographing or drawing debris or vernacular buildings left behind by demolition or clearing. I also utilise a range of sources such as public archives, inexpensive postcards or found imagery to aid the direction and focus of my practice. I regard drawing from the photographic document as a space for beginning a process of translation and redirection that encourages further reflection…

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Signifier’s Six Shot is an online gallery that showcases just six images linked by aesthetics, techniques, processes, philosophies, formal or conceptual elements. The accompanying statement by the artist may not necessarily explain the work but will help build a deeper and more meaningful engagement with it.

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A Double Virgin of the Rocks!

Leonardo da Vinci, renaissance genius, scientist, artist, l’huomo universale — the universal man, who was interested in everything about the natural world, completed very few paintings in his lifetime. The Virgin of the Rocks is one — in fact, he made two versions of this painting. The Louvre owns the earlier version, the National Gallery London owns the latter.…

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Nouveau or Deco?

One of the perennial questions from students on my Art History courses is, “What’s the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco?” Well, there’s a simple answer that lacks accuracy and an accurate answer that’s not that simple. Basically, Art Nouveau and Art Deco are decorative styles signified by typical motifs and the periods in which they were created.…

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The Parakeet, the Mermaid, and Matisse

“The walls of my bedroom are covered in cut outs,” the impressionist painter Henri Matisse wrote in 1948, “I do not yet know what I shall do with these.” At this stage of his life, Matisse was almost bedridden following surgery for abdominal cancer. Unable to continue to paint for long hours in front of an easel, he developed a new way of working which emerged from approaches he’d explored back in 1919 when designing the costumes and sets for Sergei Diaghilev’s Les Ballets Russes production of the Igor Stravinsky opera, Le Chant du Rossignol, which debuted at the Théâtre National de l’Opéra…

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From the archives of Signifier, December 2019:

More than a Christmas Card

The Virgin Eleousa of Vladimir was painted in the early 1100s and it’s one of the most famous, and most copied, Christian icons depicting the subject of the Holy Mother and Child. It originated in Constantinople, then the capital of the Byzantine Empire. In the 1130s it was gifted by the Church to Yuri Dolgorukiy, a Grand Prince of Russia. It was displayed in the city of Vladimir from 1155 until 1395 when it was moved to Moscow.…

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