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Exploring the Signifty Roadmap Into 2023 and Beyond

Exploring the Signifty Roadmap Into 2023 and Beyond

If you like the sound of the socially conscious NFT platform we’re building, you’re going to love where we’re headed. Today, Signifty is on the verge of launching as the world’s premier platform for connecting fans and celebs while championing charitable causes. Tomorrow, there’s a whole lot more in store. This isn’t even our final form.

In 2023, Signifty will become a metaverse-native conduit for connecting social networks, celebs, highly collectible NFTs, and an immersive world powered by VR and AR. 12 months from now, we’ll have evolved into a powerhouse platform with the momentum and critical mass to effect positive change in the world. But enough of the broad brush strokes: let’s get down to details and unpack what’s in the Signifty roadmap.

As Q4 rapidly approaches, there’s not a whole lot of 2022 left to play with. Nevertheless, we plan to squeeze a lot into the final months of the year. Much of this work will be technical in nature as we lay the final preparations for the Signifty platform launch. We’re currently in the midst of undergoing a platform audit and final testing of all the parts that make up Signifty, from front-end to smart contracts. Meanwhile, in the background we’re working on strategic partnerships with major players who’ll be able to advance Signifty’s cause; we can’t wait to share the names with you once everything’s finalized!

We’ll close out the year with the most exciting event in our calendar: the alpha launch of the Signifty platform on desktop and mobile, with everything connected to the Ethereum network. Once the platform’s live, we’ll waste no time in implementing new features and use cases, building out the 3D and VR art galleries that will be at the heart of Signifty, and creating the Good Deeds Fund that will power our philanthropic work. Then there’ll be just enough time to catch our breath before we dive into 2023 and prepare to go big with some of the most ambitious milestones on our roadmap.

Next year is when you will really start to experience the best of the Signifty platform as consumer hardware catches up with the software we’re developing to make NFTs as immersive and enjoyable as they deserve to be. Say goodbye to static JPEGs that sit unloved in your wallet. Say hello to a three-dimensional world laden with sound, animation and, oh yes, people — or at least their avatars — which combine to make virtual reality feel more like, well, reality.

With Apple rolling out the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, together with recent updates to its Air and Pro laptops, graphics are greater than ever, displays more dynamic, and chips ultra-powerful. All of which is conducive to diving into a world of VR and AR with breath-taking visuals and motion.

Facebook — or rather Meta as it’s now known — is also ramping up its VR commitments as it prepares to make the metaverse a global reality. In October, the company will be debuting a new VR headset at its Connect VR conference. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the headset is designed to “capture users’ facial expressions and have them replicated on their avatars in real time to enhance non-verbal communication.”

All of which aligns nicely with Signifty’s plans in 2023, when we’ll be launching our platform beta on mobile and desktop. That’s when you’ll get to experience the 3D gallery and VR functionality we’re developing in all their glory. Other developments tabled for our 2023 roadmap include the rollout of NFT staking, integration of a fiat-to-crypto gateway, and development of the Signifty Android and iOS apps.

And that’s nothing compared to what’s in store for 2024…

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s more than enough in the pipeline over the next six months to keep our team occupied and our community engaged. We’re delighted to have you with us on this journey. Buckle up, because where we’re headed, we’ll be moving fast and shipping regularly. Let’s ride this roadmap together.

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Signifty brings #NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Create your mission and help to make the world a better place 🌱

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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.