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Hello from the team

Hello World,

Signifty team is speaking.

Our team of passionate developers, optimists, activists, doers, whose mission is to make the world we live in a better place, has built a bridge between celebrities, collectors, and good deeds called Signifty.

NFTs took to the mainstream in 2021 and continue conquering the world’s stage in 2022. So why can’t we implement all their power into creating a better tomorrow? That was the first question before the idea. NFTs are not just about promoting, gaining popularity, and earning money to live wealthier, they are about getting money to live better: to prevent global natural problems, to protect endangered species, to help people, children, and whales (you can place any variant — every problem today deserves our attention and efforts to prevent it).

Our platform will raise funds for a specific mission (thoughtfully defined by Signifty’s community and team) through NFTs. Any involved celebrity (aka Signifty-Hero) can not only boost his/her presence in the NFT world but also make our real world greener, healthier and happier.

Signifty can gain its maximum efficiency in accomplishing good deeds through its community. It’s obvious that the community itself has huge power. But who has the biggest communities of our time? You’re right — the correct answer is celebrities. That’s why our concept includes Celebrities and Influencers as a major element of the ecosystem. They have the power, they have the community, and together we can make a powerful change.

“The idea to do something good with the help of the blockchain, where all transactions are transparent and traceable, was born a long time ago. While we were looking for an ideal implementation of this idea, the NFT phenomenon came and changed our world forever. NFT can simplify many processes, so we thought this was our perfect solution. Our team believes in the future of the NFTs and is ready to offer something new in the development of this industry. With the help of the NFTs and strong community, we will try to make the world a better place!” — Rustam, CFO & Co-Founder.

Signifty creates an empowering place for celebrities to interact with their fans and community not just in a way of entertainment — they strive to contribute to our future through their custom-made content, which is going to be digitized to an for a sake of our planet and all the people worldwide.

We are sure that a better world exists. And we know where it begins — starting from our thoughts and a strong belief. We know that’s very important to take care and strive to help. At least as much as you can. We are aimed at building a new reality for our children and us — and we work hard for it.

Thanks everyone for your support, attention, and joining. We appreciate all your efforts and good deeds we’ll accomplish together. Let’s start doing good deeds together with the help of NFTs!



Signifty brings #NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Create your mission and help to make the world a better place 🌱

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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.