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Bringing Good Deeds to the Real-World through NFTs

Built as a bridge between stars, collectors, fans, and good causes, raises funds in the metaverse which are directed to specific good deed missions from community to housing, poverty relief to education, medical aid and more, helping to make the real world a better place.

A Unique Approach to NFT Value Creation

NFTs took to the mainstream in 2021 with rapid adoption across the art, sport, music, and entertainment industries, surpassing a and demonstrating over .

Now is taking a new approach to NFTs by creating the first platform where collectors and fans can buy self- or custom-made digital art directly from their favorite celebrities. These stars, known as Signifty-Heroes, are fully involved in the NFT creation process from start to finish, not just a face to sell it, and, in contrast to many NFT collections, with the goal of raising funds and making an impact by implementing specific good deed missions.

In developing the idea for the project, the Signifty team was not only guided by finding a solution to problems within the existing NFT market but by their own experience of participating in crypto startups and NFT drops. Signifty’s mission is to create additional value for NFTs as a copyrighted collectible asset, incorporating 3D modeling and virtual reality technology into the NFT industry while enabling the creation of NFTs as a collectible memory of something important and meaningful.

Tackling Problems in the Current NFT Market

The success of early-stage PFP (profile picture) NFT collections has led to a proliferation of the same type of copycat work with a very similar graphic art style aesthetic and mint variations. The processes and methods used to digitize artworks are outdated, diluting the market by pushing quantity over quality; mass production over uniqueness. This has significantly skewed valuations, leading to a wide variation in prices despite items being approximately of the same quality.

The NFT marketplace is also fragmented and siloed, with an incompatibility between the different blockchains and tokens used on competing platforms, and limited payment methods increasing the barrier to entry for participants.

Although many personalities have already embraced the NFT space, their relationships with NFT projects are almost exclusively commercial, with no direct connection to the creation of the NFTs. This leads to overhyped and overpriced works that offer significantly less value in the secondary market.

Signifty’s Solution

As a new concept in NFT platforms, Signifty enables the creation and exhibit of any art type, object, or subject by S-Heroes in the form of NFTs. A project hub will be established for searching, receiving, and processing applications for good deed missions, and a separate unit will cultivate relationships with the S-Heroes. Collectors, therefore, not only get the opportunity to purchase unique NFTs created by famous people from all over the world but to directly assist in helping to solve various global causes.

Signifty offers studio digitization of any art from Signifty-Heroes; transforming 2D objects, 3D models, audio, or video content into collectible, high-quality NFTs, exhibitable in virtual reality galleries. Verified good deeds are then carefully selected to become Signifty missions, carried out and realized through the sale of specific NFT drops or packs on the platform, with several payment options available to improve accessibility and reduce costs.

Starting on Ethereum, Signifty will evolve to become a multi-chain platform, implemented through the phased integration of additional blockchains according to demand growth, so as not to limit its service offering and to provide users with the convenience of cross-chain compatibility.

Each mission is unique, with its own budget determining the price and quantity characteristics of their respective NFT collections. Each pack contains a limited NFT and description of the mission, whereby a full sale fulfills the mission budget and guarantees its completion.

NFTs for Good

In a world increasingly experimenting with NFTs, Signifty avoids the mass production thesis of other projects with a renewed focus on unique quality. Where the celebrities involved develop the NFTs themselves from scratch, and where the goal is to raise funding for various good cause missions to help the planet while offering fans and collectors greater value and fulfillment.

By optimizing for quality, value, and good deeds, Signifty seeks to realize its ultimate mission to make the world a little better, bring fans and S-Heroes a little closer, and help everyone to become a little happier in the process.



Signifty brings #NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Create your mission and help to make the world a better place 🌱

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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.