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NFTs on a Mission: The Key Benefits of Signifty

Signifty’s unique platform of authenticated NFTs will offer collectors the opportunity to acquire limited edition audio, video, art, and other customized content created by celebrities to fund socially conscious Good Deed Missions.

Beyond the revolutionary advantages and use cases that NFT technology has brought to digital content ownership, Signifty’s innovative NFT solutions are set to deliver several specific benefits.

Closer Interaction With Your Favorite Celebrities

Until now, most celebrity relationships with NFT projects have been purely commercial in nature, leading to overhyped and overpriced collections with limited value on the secondary market. Instead, Signifty will create a bridge between famous people, collectors, and fans, enabling creators to directly offer more personal, unique products of their own creation like autographs and artwork, as well as expressions of their individuality like written, audio, and video messages. Such freedom in content formats will expand the boundaries of interaction between the celebrities and their audience, adding value to the NFTs on the secondary market.

Exclusive Custom-Made NFTs

The success of early-stage NFT projects led to an explosion in copycat collections of similar styles. Mass-produced mints of questionable quality lack the uniqueness and custom-made nature of the collections that will be available on the Signifty platform. Signifty will create additional value and reach a larger audience for NFTs by enabling exclusive content of any art type, object, or subject; incorporating 3D modeling, VR/AR technology, and metaverse galleries; and focussing on copyrighted collectible assets for something important and meaningful to both the creator and collector.

Participation in Global Good Deed Missions

As blockchain-enabled philanthropy becomes an increasingly relevant tool, Signifty’s mission is to revolutionize this emerging use case by combining NFT and blockchain technology with philanthropy and art in a synergistic and user-friendly way, creating new opportunities to help make the world a better place. Signifty’s Good Deeds Center will collaborate with celebrities to select a mission for each unique NFT collection, setting out a fulfillment roadmap with fundraising targets, partnerships, tech integrations, and NFT drop allocations. The majority of proceeds from the NFT sales will be then allocated to a specific Mission Pool.

Transparent Fundraising via NFT Sales

Using open-source blockchain technology, Signifty will offer transparent and reliable tracking solutions for its Good Deed Missions that are funded by the NFT sales. Users will be able to check the distribution of tokens for each mission via smart contracts. Both multi-phase and completed project reports will be trackable via the platform and mission socials. Starting on Ethereum, and powered by the SIGN native utility token, Signifty will also integrate additional networks on a phased basis over time, providing users with convenient cross-chain NFT compatibility.

Involvement in a Like-Minded Community

The Signifty platform will enable users to interact with their favorite celebrities more closely than ever before, cultivating direct relationships among a community of like-minded fans and collectors, where they can showcase, rent, and interact with the assets as part of a wider audience, expanding the power of their community to carry out Good Deeds. The opportunity to acquire such inimitable NFTs will attract more users, creating additional value for the collections. In turn, the expected transaction and liquidity growth will lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of Good Deed missions, bringing more bonuses back to members.

Passive Income Staking Opportunity

The opportunity to earn a passive income via staking on Signifty will be open to holders of both SIGN tokens and NFTs. Staking rewards are set to be distributed on a monthly basis, depending on the number of SIGN tokens and/or NFTs sent to staking, the coefficient applied to each individual NFT, and the period of time over which tokens are staked. Users will receive at least 0.3% APY for each art object sent to staking, with the maximum rate capped at 100% APY. The complexity of staking will also increase over time, encouraging users to stake more tokens and NFTs as the Signifty ecosystem grows.

Early Stage Project Support Perks

Initial supporters will be able to access earlier SIGN token allocations to accumulate for future live staking and voting on the direction of the project. Users who register for drop whitelists can then access NFT collections at discounted prices, which will only open to non-registered users after those whitelisted. For each full sale, the corresponding mission will receive 100% of the funding needed for its fulfillment, with celebrity and Signifty commissions covered from the total NFT collection sale. Project supporters will then receive volunteering, monitoring, and reporting rewards on missions in their locality if they wish to further their involvement in the ecosystem.

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Signifty brings #NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Create your mission and help to make the world a better place 🌱

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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.