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Signifty partnerships (1st part)

Signifty team believes that NFTs are the future not only of the art and gaming industries, NFTs already have outstanding abilities today, transforming them into tomorrow’s most valuable assets that make dreams come true.

As one of the main parts of Signifty is Community — we’re trying to do our best by building it. Spreading Signifty’s ideas among the communities of our partners and making each other stronger — that’s the mission. We only start building our universe of Good Deeds, and we’re grateful to our partners for being with us!

2. Reality Metaverse is a place where Web2 and Web3 users can co-exist, bringing the physical into the digital. Reality NFT is allowing people true ownership of their assets in games played by millions of players, starting with the flagship mobile game Landlord GO. Each NFT corresponds to real-world locations, famous landmarks, most prominent cities, and countries and offers royalties from Web2 games and NFT trading fees.

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3. is a Greentech start-up that connects companies and organizations with plastic recovery projects from emerging countries. Plastics’ team created a verifiable and transparent plastic recovery platform utilizing a carbon-neutral blockchain and NFT technology that allows companies to directly support recovery projects to remove plastic waste from the environment in regions that lack infrastructure.

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4. Kokonut Network provides blockchain governance and open-source accounting to the agricultural industry. Its mission is to promote, organize, fund, and manage coconut farms. Kokonut Network collects funds from the community through the Kokonut DAO framework for decision-making and allocating treasury funds.

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5. CrypDonate is the first crypto-donation-platform that has the following three principles:

CrypDonate provides charities with simple integration without any set-up fees because the CrypDonate integration comes for free.

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Thanks to our partners for being with us!

Signifty team welcomes Web3 projects to cooperate and make our world a better place for everyone! Contact us via our official Twitter or

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Signifty brings #NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Create your mission and help to make the world a better place 🌱

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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.