You Asked, We Answered: The Ultimate Signifty FAQ

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The Ultimate Signifty FAQ

Signifty is a socially conscious NFT project that empowers celebs to fundraise for philanthropic causes through offering fans exclusive digital collectibles. That, in a sentence, is our elevator pitch. But there’s a lot more to Signifty than can be condensed into a soundbite. For instance, we haven’t even touched upon how we’re utilizing the transparency of blockchain to provide a complete overview of fundraising progress for the Missions that each celeb creates and the community contributes towards.

That transparency doesn’t just apply to Signifty Missions, incidentally: it applies to every facet of this project. That’s why we’ve decided to publish an extended version of our FAQ to answer your most frequently asked questions at length. While truncated versions of many of these can be found in the FAQ on our website, we’ve elaborated on them here in a bid to provide greater transparency into what we’re creating, why, and where we’re headed next.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

  • What is is an NFT platform for performing good deeds. That could be a beach cleanup, wildlife preservation project, or fundraiser for a hurricane-hit community, initiated by celebrities and delivered with the participation of their fans. It’s designed for any situation where there’s a chance to do some good through leveraging NFTs as the key to realizing any kind of positive Mission.

  • I can mint NFTs for philanthropic causes on OpenSea. Any celebrity can issue an NFT on there. Why do we need another platform?

Signifty has been designed to serve a very specific purpose. This places socially conscious NFT fundraising under the spotlight and draws attention to the cause. This in turn draws in more celebrity Mission creators and their fans. It’s a positive feedback loop in which everyone benefits — particularly the philanthropic causes, which are given the backing they need to succeed.

Moreover, Signifty is much more than an NFT marketplace. Each of its NFT drops has been custom-made and curated by the celeb in question, giving them an unrivaled ring of authenticity. Celebs create “items” that are digitized by Signifty and made available to the community as collectible NFTs.

In addition, Signifty provides a transparent solution for the collection and distribution of funds using blockchain technology. Every cent and satoshi is accounted for. This accountability also provides proof that funds reach the appropriate charitable cause.

Finally, Signifty is different because of its tokenomic model that grants SIGN holders exclusive benefits, bonuses, and privileges. Combined, these factors make Signifty very different to any NFT project that’s gone before.

  • Who curates suitable missions?

Our Mission Hub oversees the search, analysis and sorting of Missions. It comprises a database highlighting planetary issues and global problem areas, complete with viable ways to work towards alleviating these. Once greenlit by our Mission Hub, celebs are free to pick a cause that aligns with their values and interests.

  • How do I buy the SIGN token?

At present, there is no way to buy the SIGN token. There is only the opportunity to earn tokens by participating in activities related to the project. Further information concerning SIGN will be published on our official channels in the future.

  • When will rewards be available?

All rewards will be distributed among participants at the SIGN Token Generation Event (TGE).

  • How can the SIGN token be used?

The SIGN token can be used on our platform as a means of payment and for accessing all platform services. Also, token holders will be able to take part in various kinds of onchain voting, influence the development of Signifty, and even receive passive income from staking.

  • Will Signifty expand to other networks besides Ethereum?

The platform was carefully thought out and developed using Ethereum smart contracts. We don’t intend to limit our service to a specific blockchain, however, and will provide our users with a cross-chain compatible platform. We will be sharing further updates about our interoperable efforts in our news channel:

  • May I suggest a Mission?

We welcome proposals for Missions from active project participants. The Signifty team will be happy to consider proposals and will respond to eligible submissions. You can send your suggestions to

  • What NFT formats will feature on the platform?

NFTs on the Signifty platform will appear in various formats: autographs, photographs, personal items in 3D, text appeals (notes), audio appeals, video appeals and so on.

  • Can I resell NFTs on Signifty?

Initially, the secondary sale of NFTs on the platform will not be available, but you will be able to transfer them and dispose of them as you wish. During platform updates, additional platform functions will be integrated so that users can not only put NFTs up for sale but also create their own virtual reality galleries.

  • What’s the benefit for a celebrity of joining the platform?

There’s a lot of reasons why celebs will make Signifty their platform of choice for fulfilling philanthropic causes. The ability to interact directly with fans, raise their profile and improve their public image, all while effecting positive change in the world is extremely compelling.

The easy content creation process, which lets celebs apply the broad brush strokes and the Signifty team work to bring their vision to life, is sure to appeal. And the fact that the items being recreated as NFTs have a direct connection with their celebrity creator is also a major draw.

Coupled with the provision of full Mission reporting, so celebs can verify that the funds reached their intended destination, and there’s a lot of incentives for celebs to choose Signifty.

Anything else?

These are the most common questions we’ve received to date, but there are sure to be more from our growing community as Signifty evolves. If we’ve missed anything, reach out to us on social and ask the question. We’ll do our utmost to respond directly.

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