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You Asked, We Answered: The Ultimate Signifty FAQ

The Ultimate Signifty FAQ
  • What is
  • I can mint NFTs for philanthropic causes on OpenSea. Any celebrity can issue an NFT on there. Why do we need another platform?
  • Who curates suitable missions?
  • How do I buy the SIGN token?
  • When will rewards be available?
  • How can the SIGN token be used?
  • Will Signifty expand to other networks besides Ethereum?
  • May I suggest a Mission?
  • What NFT formats will feature on the platform?
  • Can I resell NFTs on Signifty?
  • What’s the benefit for a celebrity of joining the platform?

Anything else?



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Signifty brings NFTs and good deeds together by the snap of a finger. Help to make the world a better place.