4 Reasons Why SignKeys Does NOT Fit the ICO Mold [VIDEO]

SignKeys isn’t your typical blockchain project and our community manager, Ryan, is so good at explaining why. Make sure to watch the full video below, but here are Ryan’s top 4 reasons why SignKeys doesn’t fit into the ICO mold:

1. We think differently

Unlike most blockchain and crypto projects, we did not kickstart our project with an ICO. Why? Because we wanted to stray away from the norm, to think beyond what is usually expected and adapt our thinking to be critically different. We don’t want to be placed into a mold, we want to break out of it.

2. We are a real company with real ideas and a real team behind it

Oftentimes, blockchain employees are spread across the globe, allowing for little to no chances of meeting your co-workers. But not for SignKeys. As Ryan explains in his interview, when he first joined the project, he was flown from the US to Malaysia to meet the dev team firsthand. That’s when he knew how legitimate the SignKeys project was and that it could deliver actual, concrete results.

3. Our product is already ready

That’s right. We’ve spent two years developing our wallet app to make sure it was market ready.

That means we can already dispel concerns about uncertain token use, unmet roadmap deadlines and so on. Our token has utility from the get go, creating a sustainable ecosystem that brings real value.

4. We go beyond expectations

We don’t follow your average crypto business model. Instead, we adapt and strive to improve upon what’s already been developed. With our product, SignKeys is able to bridge the gap between what people think is actually safe with a hardware wallet versus what is actually just as safe, if not safer, with the SignKeys Guarantee.

SignKeys brings you peace of mind in a far too often volatile and risky crypto space.

Our community manager, Ryan Leonardo, was recently interviewed to discuss his involvement in the crypto space and why SignKeys is different from other projects. Watch the full video here:

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