It’s 2019 and Some Things Remain The Same, But It’s Getting Better

So far very few projects have come to the forefront in 2019, as only the highest quality ones are getting attention from those brave individuals still willing to invest in blockchain startups. There are many reasons for this, but the main focus here is token utility and how it affects the behavior of the users holding the tokens.

Our KEYS Tokens Have Immediate and Relevant Use

What makes our token and our company different?

  1. Our Product is Finished. No false promises of delivering the product “someday”. No waiting for months after the sale. We’ve already developed the only guaranteed, hardware based wallet on the market — and it’s enabled on your mobile device today! The tokens have immediate use and that’s to secure your guarantee and give you confidence that your coins are safe. All 240+ and counting of them. Our goal is to support them all!
  2. Partnerships. There are multiple B2B deals in the works, with the most recent one being with the #1 crytpo portfiolio tracker, CoinStats. They are a highly trusted brand in the crypto space and we are very pleased to partner with them.
  3. Relevance and Scaling. Everyone carries a phone, and people want the convenience of being able to transact and send crypto easily and on the go — without a separate device and cable. Our app allows you to send and receive crypto via WhatsApp messenger and also earn rewards with our referral program. That’s how we plan to tackle the challenge of mass adoption.
  4. We’re Restoring Trust. We have had a mission for the last two years to bring this to reality: a trusted wallet that is guaranteed, secure, mobile, and user friendly. We don’t believe in the ICO tactics that we have seen in the past. Instead, SignKeys is working extremely hard to break the habits of projects that have caused the public to lose trust in token sales for multiple and understandable reasons.

The Market is Definitely Maturing

Very few tokens that have been launched actually have any real use value. They promise the notion of utility, but if the product is never delivered or it doesn’t have any demand, here’s what we will continue to see — the classic exchange dump. Why?

Think of it like an arcade where you purchased some tokens on a website for a 15% discount. The arcade plans to open in 6 months. But plans fell through, and the arcade is not opening at all. A new site pops up that allows users to sell and even buy the tokens (but why would they, right?). What ends up happening is that there are far more sellers than buyers on the market, because the tokens have no use.


This is a project listed on exchanges at the beginning of March. It doesn’t have any use, so why hold on to it? Now look at the difference between the above chart and the one below, a 2019 project that listed at the beginning of February.

This token has a real use case, and it shows. There is some volatility, but the demand is much more relevant. The lack of real utility is why there will eventually be a move towards security offerings, which should have been done all along for a majority of projects.

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