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Mar 21 · 2 min read

What a week! Just yesterday we our partnership with Aerum, which will allow us to transact 50 times faster than Ethereum, but maintain full compatibility with their smart contracts.

Today’s announcement is just as big.

Our partners at just launched the CoinStats Secure Wallet powered by SignKeys. CoinStats is the leading cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio. If you don’t already use a portfolio tracker, you should. Download it and give it a try ( / ).

Here’s why this is important: More than 500,000 people use the Coin Stats portfolio app every single month. But they haven’t had a way to securely store their crypto holdings, while also leaving it liquid enough to trade. That’s what the Coin Stats Secure Wallet gives them. They get all the same features in the SignKeys app — including the SignKeys Guarantee — but get to stay within the Coin Stats ecosystem.

As a reminder, here are the key features that SignKeys (and now the CoinStats Secure Wallet powered by SignKeys) delivers:

  • Fully secure storage: We utilize the hardware that’s already in 1.6 billion phones to provide FIPS 140–2 based, military-grade security.
  • The SignKeys Guarantee: Your crypto assets are protected by KEYS token-based guarantee that can actually appreciate in value over time.
  • Support for Every Token: We support more than 220 tokens and are built for the crypto future.
  • Send Crypto as Easy as Messaging: Privately, securely send crypto assets as easily as a message, using your existing messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, even SMS.

We are on a mission to restore confidence and bring mass adoption of crypto to the market. Coin Stats are our first white label partner because they see the value of offering their customers all of the benefits of a super secure wallet, without spending two years on development. Coin Stats users will buy into the same pool of KEYS tokens as everyone else, growing the entire guarantee pool and with it the size of the KEYS economy. (Hint, hint. If you are interested in OEM/White labeling our products for your region, get in touch!)

Download now

The Coin Stats Secure Wallet is now available on and .

Watch our interview with Coin Stats Founder, Narek Gevorgyan, who shares the story behind Coin Stats and all you need to know about the Coin Stats Secure Wallet.

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The only guaranteed crypto wallet that lets you earn.


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The only guaranteed crypto wallet that lets you earn.