SignKeys Partners with Aerum to Create Secure Peer-to-Peer Financial Solutions for Business

Last night we put the finishing touches on a new agreement with Aerum that should excite anyone holding our KEYS token.

Aerum, which officially launched its mainnet today, is a decentralized blockchain platform that will enable businesses to build peer-based financial solutions for decentralized communities. Companies will be able to tokenize corporate economic flows and reward programs, create P2P marketplaces, prediction markets, betting and gaming solutions.

Here’s what excites us most about Aerum:

  1. Their network is tested and proven to clear transactions 50 times faster than the current Ethereum network, with further scaling possible up to 100,000 transactions per second. This is because they’ve already adopted Proof of Stake, and allows them to keep pace with major fiat payment processors!
  2. Aerum is 100% compatible with existing Ethereum Smart Contracts, allowing anyone who is seeking higher throughput, high scalability and lower fees to make an easy switch, no retraining, no retooling

Aerum on SignKeys Secure Wallet

And here’s the big news: Aerum will use the SignKeys Secure Wallet as its default wallet and platform for transactions. All of those corporate peer-to-peer financial solutions we mentioned — they will flow through SignKeys and all assets held will be backed by the SignKeys Guarantee. (Our new update that dropped last night now supports 240 different tokens.)

All of the invoicing mechanisms and payment tracking mechanisms are already built into our core code and simply have to be enabled. Imagine the convenience of companies being able to make totally secure and near instantaneous invoice payments as easily as sending a WhatsApp message. That’s truly disruptive.

Aerum on SignKeys Digital ID/KYC

Aerum have also decided to adopt our Digital ID and KYC platform, which will allow them to quickly bring new users onto their blockchain. This makes sense for a few important reasons.

  • First, it allows Aerum and its partners to manage costs and processing times by leveraging the module that is already enabled as part of the wallet, keeping everything digital.
  • It also manages operational risks when renewing ID/KYC, such as when IDs expire. No more chasing customers for a valid ID if this is all done seamlessly on the user’s own smartphone.
  • Companies can take advantage of the promotions and rewards mechanisms built into SignKeys, as easily as sending a message.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the SignKeys ID/KYC solution is designed for GDPR compliance. Businesses can confidently implement Aerum, knowing that they’ll be on the right side of Europe’s new consumer privacy laws.

SignKeys to Run Major Aerum Node

At SignKeys we think it’s important to have some skin in the game with our partners. That’s why we’ve also agreed to run a major node on the Aerum network. This involves SignKeys directly with Aerum’s governance, but also network commercial avantages.

The Future of SignKeys and Aerum

What we’ve laid out above describes what we’re working on immediately, but in the future we’ll also be collaborating on broader cross chain initiatives based on the SignKeys platform, developing new secure technologies, working to ensure that we keep our users compliant, and cooperating on global expansion.

Aerum truly is the ideal partner for SignKeys and we’re excited to announce this partnership today.

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