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Signum Network Association founded for faster growth!

Zurich, 9th of June 2021

We are happy to announce the official founding of the Signum Network Association! It will provide financial funding and strategic support to the Signum project. This will ensure a bright future for Signum, giving it the solid foundation it needs to continue to grow quickly and fulfil its vision to be a truly sustainable and innovative blockchain for everyone.

SNA is based in Switzerland

The Signum hard fork in May 2021 was a great success and a major result of the work done by the core development team since 2019. Today, Signum provides the smart, secure and sustainable basis for all the upcoming technological developments. In short: Signum is the beginning of a new era!

The Signum Network Association (SNA) will be a strong enabler for the many good things to come.

  • The SNA is a not-for-profit organization, legally registered and based in Switzerland. Its sole purpose is to ensure the future success of Signum.
  • Initial funding has already been secured. Major donations came from a variety of European tech entrepreneurs, who support the community’s vision of a sustainable and decentralized future. We will share more details on this soon!
  • Signum remains an open-source project and the SNA accelerate the current development in various ways.

SNA has the financial power to advance key projects, with the first core initiatives focusing on:

  • Awareness: To run professional campaigns that promote the project to a global community.
  • Technology: To enable the core development team to bring the technology to the forefront within Signum.
  • Liquidity: To list Signa, Signum’s digital currency, on multiple meaningful exchanges in crucial markets.

All these initiatives are well under way with exciting milestones ahead:

  • July 2021: All Signum communication channels will receive a major overhaul and the first press releases and marketing campaigns will be launched.
  • August 2021: The Signum core development team starts shipping important updates to the blockchain on a regular basis.
  • September 2021: More/New listings on major global exchanges will go live.

All of the above will have a major positive impact on Signum. More great initiatives are currently being developed such as the first “Global Signum Conference”. Stay tuned, follow us on reddit or telegram.

As Signum enters this new phase, it will bring sustainability to the attention of the wider crypto community. The timing could not be better!

With best regards,

The Signum Core Team and all the supporters of the Signum Network Association

PS: This is a public memo to the existing Signum community.
Official press releases will follow after all communication channels (website etc.) have been fully converted from “Burst” to “Signum”.

The Signum Network Association (SNA) is a not-for-profit organization according to Art. 60 ff. des Schweizerischen Zivilgesetzbuches (ZGB).
SNA is based in Pfäffikon (Zürich) in Switzerland.
Contact us via




Signum is the foundation for our sustainable future. It’s easily accessible to everyone and as a customizable platform, it has the power to feature unstoppable and censorship-resistant decentralized applications.

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