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9 min readNov 25, 2021


Signum is the pioneer of truly sustainable, decentralized blockchain solutions, an alternative to wasteful Proof of Work and centralized Proof of Stake systems. First developed in 2014, Signum has been at the forefront of blockchain technology with the first implementation of smart contracts. Since 2019, the Signum-Network has been preparing the Signum blockchain for the next decade.

Dear Signum Community,

the ‘Signum Network Association’ (SNA) was founded in 2021 and I have taken on the role of president. In this role, I would like to give you a sense of the SNA’s overall mission, strategy and team.


The SNA was set up with the ambition to make Signum a top 100 blockchain project based on the belief that sustainability, innovation and financial rewards can go hand in hand. That is a big ambition! It will take time and a lot of hard work. But it is possible.


With regards to sustainability, we will contribute substantially to the reduction of the global carbon footprint produced by the blockchain universe. We will do so (a) directly, as many future blockchain projects will run on Signum, and (b) indirectly, as Signum will serve as a role model for other projects. In short, we will create a green ecosystem with five key elements:

  • (1) smart contracts,
  • (2) smart tokens,
  • (3) smart transactions,
  • (4) smart data and
  • (5) smart currency.

Future whitepapers will lay out in detail what ‘green’ and ‘smart’ mean specifically for each of these elements.


Secondly, in respect to innovation, we will continue to develop future standards for blockchain projects. Did you know, for example, that Signum was the first public blockchain to showcase smart contracts and NFTs? And did you know that Signum has globally unique DeFi features? And there is much more. We will continue this tradition of being a major driver of blockchain possibilities. Sneak preview: In the future, we will focus a lot of development power on ‘smart tokens’. We strongly believe that the ‘tokenization of the world’ will become a multi trillion Dollar market for blockchains, as it creates tangible value for businesses, organizations and people. Addressing the token market will be core to Signum’s positioning.

Financial Rewards

Thirdly, we will work towards high financial rewards for all the people who are invested in Signa (Signum’s native coin). This explicitly includes miners, node-operators, developers and investors alike. Naturally, this will also take time, especially because Signum is not a pump-and-dump project. However, in the end the returns could be very significant. If we can bring Signum to the top 100 level, it would have a market cap of 1+ billion USD, which would reflect a value increase of 50x based on today’s market values (as of November 2021). If it goes to top 50, the market cap would be 3.5+ billion USD, which would be an increase of 175x.

This might seem somewhat assertive to some, but it has been done many times before. And we do not see any reason, why it can’t be done again.


In the next phase, Signum needs to overcome 3 core challenges:

  • (1) Popularity,
  • (2) Usage,
  • (3) Liquidity.

As these challenges are interlinked, they create some chicken-egg-problems that need to be resolved. Example: Usage is driven by popularity and popularity is driven by usage. Starting now, the SNA will follow a clear strategic path to overcome the above challenges.

(1) Popularity

Signum needs to gain popularity mostly within three audiences:

  • (1) the technical world,
  • (2) the financial community &
  • (3) regulators/politicians.

The technical world as well as the financial community each have two key sub-audiences that need to be addressed individually.

Technical World

In the technical world, the core audiences are miners, developers. The mining community is important, as more miners provide greater security for the blockchain itself. Developers are important to expand the overall capabilities of Signum and to anchor it in the real world. Some concrete measures we will take to push forward on this are monthly developer calls, a (bi-)annual developer conference, multiple whitepapers and publications as well as industry partnerships for real-life usage.

Financial Community

In the financial community the core audiences are institutional and private investors. The overall market for blockchain investments is expanding quickly and people are increasingly looking for high quality projects. This is where Signum comes in. However, Signum has not really done any marketing or public relations so far — and therefore remained almost invisible to investors. The reason is simple: in the past, there was no budget and no long-term capacity available for this. The SNA is changing that. We have dedicated a substantial amount of funding to increase awareness of Signum worldwide, and we are currently ramping up capacities and capabilities to start campaigning on a larger scale.

Regulatory/Political World

In the regulatory/political world everything around blockchains is discussed intensively in many ways and with many possible outcomes. However, there seems to be a unified view in favor of sustainability and secure tokenization. These are two center pieces of Signum’s positioning and value creation. We will therefore lobby Signum to authorities wherever possible. The logic: government institutions are increasingly publishing official reports to provide guidance for investors and businesses alike — often including lists of noteworthy blockchains/projects/vendors. Signum needs to be a standard element in these reports.

(2) Usage

A blockchain needs usage. In the real world. And the SNA is here to foster this. We see many large industries where Signum can serve as a prime technology layer going forward. The following illustrates the enormous potential:

Sustainable Companies
More and more b2b and b2c companies make it an explicit goal to go green. Recent studies show that within less than 10 years, more than 50% of the global economy will be run by environmentally friendly companies. With Signum, these companies can put their corresponding blockchain strategy into action, e.g. tracking the value chain of their goods or providing loyalty programs to their clients. It just doesn’t make sense for these companies to use energy hungry blockchains. Therefore, Signum is destined to be the blockchain of choice.

Token Economy
It is estimated that by 2027, around 24 trillion USD of assets will be tokenized (e.g. equity in companies, homes or funds). This alone will provide thousands of detailed use cases for a suitable layer one platform — especially when it is focused on smart tokens such as Signum. However, the overall token economy is a multiple of this, because billions of tokens will be used in many other areas. Simple examples include voting tokens, usage tokens or loyalty tokens. It is easy to imagine many use cases across all industries and even non-business organizations such as universities and NGOs.

Within this global token economy, the demand for smart tokens will explode. These tokens of the future will need to incorporate functions around payments, traceability and auto-adaptions over their lifetime. Furthermore, they will need to be easy to create and manage. And they need to be cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Signum already ticks all these. However, we will focus a lot of resources on this topic in order to make Signum the world’s first and leading smart token platform.

Green Currency
As blockchains and crypto currencies become more and more accessible to people and companies worldwide, the daily usage for transactions increases constantly. The challenge on the horizon is to make all this environmentally friendly and cost efficient. By definition, an energy intensive blockchain will be more expensive than a low energy blockchain. This is especially true at scale. We can see this already in the market, where transaction fees have increased so much that smaller transactions (the bulk of the financial market) no longer make sense on the blockchain. For many reasons, Signum is the solution to the problem. The underlying technology as well as unique features (e.g. multi-out-transactions) make Signum a super cost efficient platform. This cost advantage will drive market adoption at an accelerating speed.

(3) Liquidity

In the past, it was complicated to invest in Signum’s native coin (Signa). There were only few and small exchanges that traded Signa, except for the listing on Bittrex (a global top 20 exchange). Some improvements were made more recently, e.g. through a listing on Binance Smart Chain. However, this is not enough and adding new listings will be a key priority in 2022. As listing fees with top exchanges often top 300,000 USD, overcoming the ‘liquidity challenge’ on a larger scale (e.g. listing on 5 top exchanges simultaneously) will require some additional funding. The SNA is working on that and it is just a matter of time until Signa can be bought and traded by almost anyone worldwide. In addition, Signum’s own decentralized exchange will grow in popularity and help to increase liquidity.

The above content is not comprehensive when it comes to Signum’s strategy. But it provides insights into our thinking and hints at our path going forward. In the future, we will communicate more elements of our strategy and future funding/partnerships.

Signum Core Team & Community
On major issue of Signum had been the lack of a core team which could commit 100% of their work capacity and energy to the project.

We are changing that.

And we will expand the team significantly. Furthermore, we will be more transparent about the people working at the heart of Signum and the SNA. We believe that this is essential to gain trust and traction on a global level. Within the next weeks, for example, we will reveal the identity of “John Jos”, who has been in the lead for the overall technical/product development at Signum for some time now. More insights into the core team will follow. Over time, we will introduce a lot of the personalities who support Signum in different ways. They are all highly respected in their distinctive professions and attach their names only to very trustworthy projects such as Signum. We believe that this people-centric marketing will go a long ways towards making Signum a top 100 project in the foreseeable future.

One key asset of Signum is its heritage. It has always had a strong community of enthusiasts who support the project. We will build on that! In the near future, we will run dedicated campaigns to constantly increase the number of Signum supporters in all areas (miners, developers, node-operators, promotors, investors, etc.).

We hope this letter provides some valuable insights for you. Thank you for your interest in Signum and for supporting the project!


Benjamin Schroeter
President of the Signum Network Association
Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland

About Benjamin Schroeter

Benjamin is the president of the Signum Network Association and a serial tech entrepreneur. Among other ventures, he co-founded Facelift brand building technologies — a pioneer and leader of social media management software in Europe. Within 7 years, Facelift grew to 250+ employees and 2,000+ clients before it was acquired by a German media conglomerate. Besides contributing a large share of his capacity to the strategic development of Signum, Benjamin sits on the board of several European tech and gaming companies.

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Signum is the world’s first truly sustainable blockchain, featuring world-class applications on a sustainable leading-edge blockchain architecture. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Signum powers its native cryptocurrency Signa (SIGNA) with a minor fraction of the energy use and e-waste. Signum empowers users and developers around the world with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life.

SNA is a Swiss Not-for-Profit Organization founded in 2021 to provide a solid foundation for Signum to grow and fulfill its vision of sustainability and innovation in blockchain technology.

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