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Wrapping Signa onto the Binance Smart Chain — a short user guide

Signum is the pioneer of truly sustainable, decentralized blockchain solutions, an alternative to wasteful Proof of Work and centralized Proof of Stake systems. First developed in 2014, Signum has been at the forefront of blockchain technology with the first implementation of smart contracts. Since 2019, the Signum-Network has been preparing the Signum blockchain for the next decade.

WSIGNA is a BEP20 token that can be used to stake, yield, earn and participate in a growing number of applications taking advantage of theBinance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem of products and services. It can be easily exchanged for BNB on the Binance Smart Chain.

With Pancakeswap, you can trade your WSIGNA on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Furthermore, since you can buy and sell WSIGNA for WBNB, you can also choose to provide liquidity and earn pool fees on every trade!

How to wrap your SIGNA to WSIGNA

The following tools are needed to get your Signa swapped to wSigna:

  • Binance Wallet browser extension
  • BTDEX application

Binance Wallet browser extension

With the Binance Wallet browser extension you can create your own wallet for the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain.

First you need to install the browser extension via plugin/extension in your preferred browser.

Example of Chrome extension

After the installation you should follow the steps to create and store your wallet. Please store your passphrase in a safe way. If you lose the passphrase you will lose the access to your wallets from Binance.

You can create several accounts within the wallet. It is important that you connect to the Binance Smart Chain from your account.

Select the chain at the top

In the above screenshot the WSIGNA is already selected, but to add it on your account too you just click on the “+” at the bottom and select the WSIGNA

Search and select WSIGNA

Now your account is ready to receive WSIGNA.

Note: If the WSIGNA is not shown in this selection you can add it under “Custom Asset” with its Token address.
Token-adress : 0x7b0e7e40ee4672599f7095d1ddd730b0805195ba


On the DEX from Signum (BTDEX) you can now navigate to the WSIGNA market and buy WSIGNA with SIGNA. You need at least version 0.5.10 of BTDEX to be able to access the WSIGNA-market.

Prepare BTDEX

To be able to receive the WSIGNA on the Binance Smart Chain you need to store your public address in BTDEX.

Click Accounts and select WSIGNA under Account details

Please copy your address from the Binance Wallet and paste it into the WSIGNA address. Click “OK” and you should see a new entry on your account tab for WSIGNA

Wrap it!

Now you can wrap your Signa.
Navigate via “CONTRACTS” to the WSIGNA market. Here you can take any offer on the green side which fits to your desired amount, or if you can´t find a suitable offer you can create your own buy via the “MAKE OFFER” on the red side.

BTDEX orderbook view

If you want to make your own offer you need to create a smart contract. BTDEX will ask you and guide you through the process of the creation, which is not much more than a two click action. If you already have a smart contract for BTDEX it will directly open the offer dialog window.

Smart Contract creation dialog in BTDEX

In the dialog for the offer you should enter a price with “1” and under size set your desired amount of WSIGNA and the deposit to 1%.

Make your offer to buy on BTDEX

After you create the offer it will show up on the market and be filled in in a timely manner from the WSIGNA Bridge accounts.

The amount of WSIGNA should show up on your BSC wallet after the order was taken. Please confirm in this case that you received the WSIGNA in BTDEX on your offer.

Now you can stake or trade your WSIGNA on the Binance Smart Chain.
If you would like to provide liquidity to the Pancakeswap-Liquidity-Pools you can just add it via the pool page. Follow the link to the pools via We also added the links for the WBNB and USDT pools at the end of this article. In addtion you can read the documentation from pancake how to add or remove liquidty.

Note: You can send BNB from Binance exchange directly to your Binace Smart Chain account and wrap it to WBNB via “Exchange” on pancakeswap.

Unwrap it!

On BTDEX, you will always be able to exchange back your WSIGNA for SIGNA at a 1:1 ratio. All SIGNA wrapped in WSIGNA stays locked in a BTDEX smart contract as buy back.

Discover Signum

Signum is the world’s first truly sustainable blockchain, featuring world-class applications on a sustainable leading-edge blockchain architecture. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Signum powers its native cryptocurrency Signa (SIGNA) with a minor fraction of the energy use and e-waste. Signum empowers users and developers around the world with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life.

SNA is a Swiss Not-for-Profit Organization founded in 2021 to provide a solid foundation for Signum to grow and fulfill its vision of sustainability and innovation in blockchain technology.

Find out more at or join a Signum channel below.

Download BTDEX:
Get Signa:






Signum is the foundation for our sustainable future. It’s easily accessible to everyone and as a customizable platform, it has the power to feature unstoppable and censorship-resistant decentralized applications.

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