How To Use Marketing (More) to Increase Sales

We work tirelessly day-in and day-out to create that piece of content. You know the one, that piece we hope will go viral and produce a bajillion qualified leads for our sales and marketing strategy. It’s a grind, but us marketers, we live for days like those and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

We want to be the hero. We want to be the guy who cooked up that genius campaign and brought in a gazillion qualified leads, put them on a silver platter for the sales team (who eventually bring it home and close the deal), then present a report to our boss showing an agglomeration of closed/won deals sourced from marketing efforts (after which we get a promotion, generous raise and sail off into the sunset).

But, reality says it doesn’t always go that way.

Sure, you may produce killer content and run an awesome campaign that brings in qualified leads for your sales team, but what happens after that? After a few follow-ups, the prospect never replies and your sales development rep or account executive moves on, and now you have a stale lead that isn’t being nurtured. I guess onto the next bajillion leads, right?

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