What Your Email Signature Can Learn from McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

When McDonald’s lifted the once-ironclad 10:30 a.m. cut-off for tardy breakfast-goers late last year, customers hit the chain in droves, lured by the simple novelty of being able to chow down on an Egg McMuffin any time they want.

The idea is so simple! The chain is using an avenue they already own, but in a new way — and it’s working! In Q4 of 2015, the fast-food joint saw same store sales jump by 5.7 percent and pushed growth into territory the global company hadn’t seen in more than four years.

So what if we thought about employee email like McDonald’s thinks about breakfast?

You already send a ton of business emails every day. It’s a channel you own — you dictate the message and the recipient. But are you using the channel to its fullest potential? Here are five things your custom email signature can learn from the all-day breakfast menu.

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