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Donald Trump is Unimpeachable. Here’s Why.

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There is no question that Donald J. Trump is a lying, thieving, backstabbing, two-faced, violent criminal.

There is also no doubt that he is the front man for a far-right network of white nationalist politicians and businessmen that want to revive the Confederacy. This network has been contracted by Vladimir Putin to facilitate the takeover of the federal government of the United States as part of a larger effort to dismantle western nations, alliances and power. Collectively, they have occupied the White House and begun the process of dismantling the federal government, isolating the US from its allies, bankrupting the economy, restructuring and hyper-funding the military and cleansing the nation of people of color, the poor, people living with disabilities, non-Christians, and anyone else not deemed part of the master race. Together, under the authority of Donald Trump and his Republican Congress, the GOP and the Russian government are gutting the corpse of the United States and positioning its zombie carcass to carry out the will of an adversarial Putin led eastern alliance that is openly working to dismantle the Western World.

And he is legally unimpeachable.

In the United States, the only entity that can impeach Donald Trump is Congress. A Congress that has formed a united front against the Democrats, against Civil Rights, against the people of the United States and in support of Vladimir Putin. They do not respond to their constituencies, their duties as officials, the constitution, media pressure or public shaming. They respond to their contracts. Which have been implemented with the explicit intent to prevent the removal of Putin’s GOP puppet government.

Congress will not impeach Trump.

Here’s why. The Constitution gives only the House of Representatives the legal authority to bring formal charges of impeachment against a sitting president. It would take half of Congress to successfully bring charges. The Senate has sole power to bring a president to trial for impeachment. Two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote to convict and remove Trump from office to successfully impeach him. With the GOP in control of both the House and the Senate, as planned, there is no chance that the GOP will violate its contract with the Russian government in order to impeach Trump.

So here’s the quick takeaway:

The United States has been taken over by a white nationalist puppet government contracted by the Russian government. They want to dismantle federal authority in the United States and all western nations for their own political, economic, social and military visions of an ethnically-cleansed, post western world order.

They are willing to lie, cheat, break laws, and murder to accomplish their goals. They know how to rig elections and utilize mafia tactics. They don’t respond to constituencies, political pressure, or the media. They cannot be shamed away, tweeted away, marched away or phone called away. The will not be investigated by the GOP controlled House and Senate Oversight Committees or Department of Justice. They cannot be impeached.

Ok, that’s a lot. It might be more than you want to hear. But it’s what’s happening. Take it in. Take a breath.

Let’s continue.

This isn’t going to be easy to digest.

The formal plan to overthrow the federal government of the United States has been in action for years. Vladimir Putin is a ruthless military and political strategist. He knows the offensive and defensive histories, strengths and weaknesses of his nation, its alliances, it’s adversaries and those standing in the way of his ultimate goals. And his ultimate goals don’t begin and end with Hillary Clinton or even the United States. Vladimir Putin is years into a strategy designed to take over the federal governments of the Western powers, install puppet regimes, dismantle their individual and collective authority and usher in a Russian led new world order.

Putin didn’t just up and one day decide that he was going to partner with a C level businessman and celebrity to embarrass Hillary Clinton. He has been plotting to tear down the western alliance — including the UN and NATO — since his days in the KGB and has spent years successfully guiding the GOP to victory in their efforts to take Congress and the White House.

Putin considered every lever necessary to pull to ensure his puppet government would take the White House and that there would not be anything that could be done by Congress or the federal government to unseat him. He planned, he executed and he won. He didn’t just win, but Putin and the White Nationalist network he contracted to carry out his agenda kicked our assess. And they are still in power — kicking our asses.

What’s worse, the Democrats had numerous opportunities to counter the maneuvers of the GOP and they did nothing. As the stated defenders of minority rights and the strategic defenders of the nation against the Conservative Confederacy, they failed to live up to their responsibilities. This failure allowed them to be easily defeated by the GOP’s efforts to dismantle federal authority and Putin’s efforts to dismantle the West.

Every nation has specific governmental, political, and social systems that must be considered when designing a strategic agenda. Different strategies were required for the UK than in the United States. Different levers needed to be pulled to accomplish Brexit than to pull off MAGA.

In the United States, Putin needed to identify a far-right conservative network that aligned with his vision to dismantle federal authority and implement a system of white nationalism. He did not have to look hard to find the GOP and its neo-Confederate heart. That core has functioned since the Civil War and its Confederate flags still fly high around the United States. It has used force, laws and criminal activity to dismantle civil rights, suppress voting, incarcerate and impoverish communities not of the chosen race, and take land from sovereign entities.

The overwhelming majority of GOP candidates and members of the Trump administration are funded by Robert Mercer, David & Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson, the Scaife family, the DeVos family and other core members of the far-right funding megalith, the Donor’s Trust. These individuals are responsible for such entities as the Tea Party, Freedomworks, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Manhattan Institute and the Federation of American Immigration Reform. They are behind the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, the implementation of illegal voter ID and citizenship requirements. They train “poll watchers.” These individuals funded Breitbart and produced anti-Democratic media and campaigns. They invented the War on Cops and actively work to dismantle civil rights and pass anti-immigrant and anti-POC legislation. The most prominent members in their network are currently occupying the white house and enacting the agenda contracted between them and Vladimir Putin.

Putin also had to identify his opposition and their strengths and weaknesses in countering the maneuvers of the GOP. That honor would go to the Democratic Party — and its defensively inadequate core. The Democrats have stood by and done absolutely nothing as communities of color stood helpless against police brutality and the inaction of Congress, the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. They did nothing as the Crosscheck voter purge system was implemented across the country and the Voting Rights Act was gutted. They did nothing to protect Tribal sovereignty at Standing Rock. They refused to take action to provide a living wage and fair housing to their working-class constituents and refused to enforce compliance with ADA standards even on election day. They even refused to legally counter Citizens United v FEC or Shelby County v Holder.

The Left has allowed the GOP to get away with almost every single policy maneuver they attempted. Especially those that functioned to deprive the rights of minorities, the poor, and people living with disabilities. It is through the destruction of these rights, though, that the GOP was able to successfully defeat the Democrats, overthrow the government and begin implementing their collective and contracted agendas with Vladimir Putin.

By refusing to defend those most at risk, the Left failed to defend the entire nation.

All Putin had to do to successfully carry out his plan for the United States was:

- Ensure the far-right network of white nationalist conservatives was able to overtake the GOP.

- Implement systems of voter purging and suppression to ensure the election would be altered in favor of his chosen candidate.

- Ensure the GOP has control of the House, the Senate, the White House.

- Ensure the loyalty of the Attorney General, the Assistant Attorney General and the Chairs of the House and Senate Oversight Committee.

- Neutralize resistance

Successes in these key areas would allow Putin to install his puppet Administration. This puppet administration would be guarded and protected from both impeachment and pushback on his policy objectives by the House and Senate, Impeachment and Investigation would also be prevented with the placement of the AG, the deputy AG and the Congressional Oversight Committees.

And that is exactly what he did.

Using an information and media assault campaign involving a collaboration between Russian and far right media channels, and by positioning a Jill Stein as a third-party candidate, the Russian led white nationalists made their assault on the popular vote. By implementing Crosscheck, disseminative the Voting Rights Act, passing a wave of illegal voter ID and citizenship requirements, shutting down polling places and violating the ADA, they were able to take control of the RNC by 2011, Congress by 2014 and the White House in 2016.

In order to keep Trump in the White House, measures had to be taken to ensure that he would not be investigated and he would not be impeached — no matter how many laws he broke. Legally, the only entity that can authorize an internal investigation of the President is the Attorney General. If the Attorney General recuses himself, that responsibility falls on the Deputy Attorney General. Ensuring that the Trump Administration had the overwhelming practical support of the GOP Congress guaranteed that no matter how detestable or unqualified his candidate of choice — Putin\Trump could place whomever they wanted in these two positions. With Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein in place — there will be no internal investigation of the President by the Department of Justice.

The only authorities that can legally call for an independent investigation of Trump’s illegal activities and ties to the Kremlin are the chairs of the Senate and House Oversight Committee. Jason Chaffetz and Devon Nunes were strategically placed into these positions to ensure no independent investigation would take place. What this means is that as long as Chaffetz, Nunes, Rosenstein, Sessions and Congress are all GOP occupied — there will be no internal investigation and no impeachment of Donald Trump.

The Trump administration cannot be investigated away and they cannot be impeached. They cannot be marched away or called away. They cannot be voted away. They will not compromise. They will not relent.

To date, we’ve lost HUD, the Department of Education, the EPA, the State Department, our allies in Mexico, Australia and Europe, our civil rights and practically every Constitutional right beside the second amendment — just to name some of the most evident losses. We are about to lose our healthcare, what’s left of our social safety net and any protection we have from police and ICE agents. And we are pointed directly at a nuclear fueled Third World War and heading right towards it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have still refused to form a united front against the GOP and its maneuvers and The Resistance is still depending on marches and calling campaigns that will not bring about the results they seek to achieve.

So now it’s time for the Left to ask itself, “Given that we can’t impeach, imprison or march our way out of this — what do we do? And how do we get it done before it’s too late?”

SIIP’s next article will address those questions.

SIIP Campaigns

Mission: to design and implement strategies that counter the political obstacles faced by the most brutally targeted communities in the United States.


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SIIP is dedicated to designing strategies to counter political obstacles faced by the most brutally targeted communities in the United States

SIIP Campaigns

Mission: to design and implement strategies that counter the political obstacles faced by the most brutally targeted communities in the United States.

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