My Top Five Stuff To Share Right Now

Ibrahim Diop
Jun 11 · 3 min read
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In a programmer day-to-day, there are many things you stumble upon, whether it’s an article, a solution to a problem, a new tool, a code snippet etc. You keep some of them forever and others are just punctual.

Here is my take of the “ Top-Five Stuff to Share” of the week right now:

Guido doesn’t want to mentor white guys.

In this (rather rare) interview, the creator of the python programming language is stating that the community has a serious diversity problem. Being myself part of an underrepresented minority programmers group, I couldn’t agree more. He explains how women are impacted in staying in open source projects because of unconscious bias and male-driven cultural norms.

A guy who knows less than that woman might honestly believe [he is right], so they present a much more confident image.

I can relate, I have been in countless similar situations (i.e when the person in front of me thinks he’s right, when fundamentally he’s not and has a discomfort admitting that he knows less)

It’s good to have him mentioning these issues.

Submitting a successful talk proposal

I have not yet applied these advices to my past proposals because I saw this only recently but this will surely be a reference for my next proposals.

We often go too fast (sometimes because we’re last minute) in proposing a talk and we don’t make sure we properly express the interest of a talk. I think this will help the speaker in preparing his own presentation and give all the chances for the proposal to be accepted. This is an article that was shared in the python Africa website and will soon be the subject of a euro-python talk.

Learn python the hard way

This has been my goto reference for anybody that wants to start learning python. As it’s the very first time I’m recommending articles, I had to include that one. Every python developer knows about it.

It was free back then but it’s still an incredible reference for learning. I think you could also find a free old version somewhere that could do the job…But the new one is apparently awesome, plus it comes with companions videos!

I really like the “learning by doing” aspect of it, how the exercises are presented and also how it pushes the learner to go and search for solution and information because let’s face it: a huge part of our job is about searching the web 😅

Python patterns

This is a collection of design patterns and idioms in python. It can gives you Ideas about how to structure your code and how to solve certain problems.

I authored one of them a few years ago, the catalog pattern which basically let you change the behaviour of a method based on it class parameters value.

This project is really a good idea as there are not a lot of documentation about software patterns applied with python since the language is just starting to have a presence academically.


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