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Ibrahim Diop
Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

We are your friendly Enterprise Software development company with operations in North America and Nigeria. We’ve been around 7 years and counting, acting under the Radar, while consulting for different kind of businesses.

One of our first projects involved working for the “Société des Arts Technologiques” or SAT, in Montreal, Canada. The Province of Quebec, Canada is fortunate to have it’s government putting effort into Hi Tech Art projects. While there we worked on a project called “invisible”. Invisible was built with Django on the backend with a mobile IOS application. The mobile application geo-localizes artworks based on fire hydrant positions. The user would “scan” a hyphen and get some images, sounds or videos produced by local Montreal artists.

Invisible user, scanning a fire hydrant

It was a fun working on this Augmented Reality project, and maybe one of the most challenging we have accomplished.

Subsequently, we have worked on all kinds of project; from legacy code migrations to big system implementations. One of our biggest is taking part in the implementation of a Train Control system in the Canadian National Railways company network. We currently manage a big data pool and analyse communication between trains and rail equipment and also detect anomalies, using the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana).

We have also diversified our field of expertise by investing and founding startups. The first startup we founded was Cocorunner, a logistic and transport company that delivers personal goods and buys food. After it got acquired , we’ve invested in Ben&Alex, a food tech company doing corporate catering and group food ordering. They are the next big thing in food tech.

We are also invested in Radart, an art tech company with the purpose of being the missing link between artists and art enthusiasts, using technology to recommend and curate art works. We met Alice, Radart Founder when she was looking for a CTO to handle the technical aspect of her project. We took the project under our wing and it’s now in pre-release stage. More to come very soon!

Today we are looking beyond all these successes. We still consult and have interesting projects while we expand simultaneously. We want a bigger international presence. We have just opened our first office in Nigeria, and we have local team of developers working on exciting projects. We look forward in breaking North-South Technology barriers for the best of both worlds. While we offer a bigger developer pool to the north and mix-match “southern dev” to the north project and developers. We are also still looking for you, regardless of where you are located on the planet, wether you are a company trying to get the “right people” to launch that great product, or just looking to enhance or maintain an exciting project! We are one hop away.

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Everything Python by your Friendly Dev Firm

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