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Sikoba April 2020 — Update

This month, sikobaPay beta testing has started. We made many improvements to the app and added more currencies and languages. The Sikoba Team also held an AMA, and Guillaume presented the itugen e-voting protocol at the 3rd ZKProof Workshop.

Beta testing of sikobaPay for both Android and iOS has started this month. While the Android version was ready at the end of March, it took almost a week for it to be listed on Google Play Store because of COVID-19. As to the iOS version, which we completed during the week of 20th April, it was finally approved for TestFlight beta testing on Apple Store on 29th April.

Throughout the month, Dragan dealt with bug fixes and made numerous improvements, taking into account feedback from beta testers. He also added local notifications to the app. We also worked on both the user and technical documentation.

Some of our beta testers had problems with receiving their SMS verification codes. We have therefore switched providers and are now using Twilio, the world’s leading provider of SMS services, used by large companies such as lyft, Airbnb and NetFlix. It’s more expensive, but we hope the extra price is worth it.

Finally, we have added many currencies and new languages to the app. The list of languages supported at the end of April was: English, German, Spanish French, Malay, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

Sikoba AMA

On 23rd April, we held a public AMA session, which can be seen on YouTube.

itugen e-voting @ ZKProof#3

Guillaume participated in the 3rd ZKProof Workshop (Home Edition), and he had the opportunity to do a “lightning talk” to present itugen during the 30th April session. In the presentation, he focused on the difficulties involved in building a secure system suitable for state elections with millions of voters and showed how itugen solves these issues. He then discussed the security properties of our system as well as the remaining challenges.

itugen is an e-voting protocol that was developed at Sikoba Research, leveraging the work we did on the isekai ZK middleware. It uses zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain to achieve complete transparency while guaranteeing total anonymity. We continue to seek partners and funding for the itugen project.



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