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5 min readJun 19, 2022

By: Abhinav Gupta @Silence Laboratories

Silent Rider is a library to enable effortless authentication for mobility being used for fast check-ins (<1 second) while boarding a bus, car, or bike without needing to scan a code or seek an OTP. Just passing by the gate will get you verified.

The video shows how authentication can run silently in the most effective manner for a ride-hailing company using Silent-Ride:

How the authentication process is currently:

The key to entering is a ticket, an innovation that hasn’t changed in past years. Ride-Hailing companies and aggregators use either manual check-in (printed tickets/passes) or QR code or OTP to authenticate, which is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome both for the passenger as well as the driver.

Pain points/vulnerabilities:

  • Delay in verification (Manual verification- order of 10 seconds/ QR code- 7–8 seconds)
  • Effort (Passenger would have to carry the ticket/scan the QR code)
  • Failed/Repetitive Attempts (QR code fails in inadequate light and reflection from the screens)

Implementation of Silent Auth

Silent’s technology is a perfect match for such needs as it leverages the existing POS devices/apps & infrastructure within vehicles and used it to connect with the passenger’s smartphones via the application. With the in-ride technology (POS/Apps) and passengers application running the Silent Auth SDK, both can communicate and receive the notification verifying & authenticating the passenger at the go in a hassle-free manner.

Post Implementation Process

SDKs of Silent Ride are integrated with applications of the ride-hailing company (both driver and passenger sides). Post-installation rigorous testing was done:

· Across 5 geographies: Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, UAE & Egypt

· Library usage modality: Bus, Car, and Bikes with >10,000 verifications

· Tested across 300 different versions of devices (OS and Vendors) of smartphones and POS terminals (Ingenico, Sunmi, Telpo, etc.) to ensure that there is no gap in the working of SilentRide.

This is how the experience with Silent Ride looks when integrated with ride-hailing services.

Savings/potential savings + Consumer benefits

Redefining the ride-hailing & travel experience by silently authenticating the passenger in <1 second which earlier used to take 7–10 seconds. With a robust technology such as Silent Ride powering all the vehicles of the ride-hailing company on its platform with a swift experience almost like an NFC-based phone on a non-NFC phone and two-way communication to provide seamless boarding to the passengers, will not only provide convenience but also diminish the fraud rate to 0%.

If someone tries to commit fraud, authentication fails, and based on the type of ride, further steps will be taken. For example, in case of a failed authentication in cab service, the driver’s phone is notified and immediately then asks the passenger to de-board; similarly, if it is a bike service, the bike does not unlock.

……..“So just hop in and relax while SilentRide does the rest for you”……..

About the tech

SilentAuth is a leading proximity-aware, adaptive, and intelligent authenticator. A combination of extreme security along with usability gives Silent Auth a clear edge over all the existing authentication products, protocols, and practices in the space.

SilentRide a use-case of SilentAuth uses a fusion of sound and RF waves along with on-device sensor fusion for a robust peer-to-peer authentication; proximity/co-location verification, legitimate possession, liveliness, identity. It not only is faster than the conventional methods but also has resilience across system variables, works offline, and has two-way communication.


  • Fraudulent/Compromised Accounts

Phishing techniques are used by fraudsters to gain access to the driver’s/rider’s account in turn gaining access to the driver’s account to withdraw money or providing agent services to sell rides to other passengers after access to the rider’s account.

“A report by Trend Micro has shown that Uber accounts have been sold for 4 dollars and has been one of the priciest items for sale in underground marketplaces being more costlier than Netflix logins and credit cards.”

  • Passenger-Side Frauds

Riders trying to squeeze more passengers in a basic or Uber X instead of ordering an XL which is more expensive.

Riders on many occasions get on a ride that is not designated for them and is for another passenger.

  • Driver-Side Frauds

Driver’s not ending a ride so that they could gain from the additional miles being tabbed.

GPS spoofing technology and automated bots are used by the drivers to fake the location of the ride and earn income through fraudulent accounts.

“Ride-hailing company Grab which operates in Asia indicates that 61% of Indonesian ride service drivers know other drivers who have committed fraud. Throughout Southeast Asia up to 20% of all rides are fake.”

Silence Laboratories Team

Our team has a unique fusion of expertise in:

  • Mobile computing (with research2 affiliations at UIUC, USA & NUS, and SUTD, Singapore) and wireless communication & security (graduates from MIT, USA).
  • Application security and vulnerability analysis (including the world's #1 team in CTF).
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Wireless communication (one of the best groups in the world in telecom and collaboration with 6G initiatives).
  • Deep connection and understanding in the Web3 community with support from Gitcoin and Kernel community.
  • Business experience with employees working in B2B segments.
  • Very strong advisory board including Prof Romit Roy Chaudhary (UIUC, USA), Prof. Jiyanying (iTrust CPS research center, Singapore), and Prof. Lucienne Blessing (SUTD MIT Design Centre).


Feel free to contact us at for the demo, and further details on SDKs, and APIs.

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