Clean… or Dirty? What Do You Pick?

Hi, My name is Evan and I am 11 years old. I have been trying to help keep my town and the Earth clean. I have done petitions and written articles to help people understand the importance of keeping our earth clean. It seems many people I know are not thinking about what we will be giving to future generations if we continue to muck up the earth.

I hear people say things like, “Oh its only a piece of trash, one piece of trash won’t make a difference.”, but the problem is… it will. Most of the population thinks that same sentence everyday. And if 8 billion people are doing that every day, earth is going down the drain.

Big companies like Halliburton and Monsanto are starting to take over the world. People are hearing things that are not helping them!

For example, Halliburton says that the chemicals used in fracking are only like the chemicals under your kitchen sink. As you know, things can go wrong and chemicals can be spilled. Those chemicals leak into our water. Maybe those chemicals are like the ones under your sink. Do you want to drink those chemicals? Do you know that those chemicals are lethal in high doses? If they are taken in small doses they can give you cancer… Do you want cancer?

Imagine that your grand children are sick with cancer. How would you feel. Could you have caused that suffering by thinking, “Oh its only a peice of trash, one piece of trash wont make a difference.” or, ”We need the oil.”. Do we actually need that oil? Maybe we do, but you could help this world by exploring alternative energy sources and helping to reduce by riding a bike for example.

Listen, maybe you think that we need the oil because we should not be dependent on other countries . I totally get that. But the thing is, some of those countries are dependent on us. And humans need to help other humans. It’s okay that we are dependent on each other. We all fear destruction of the earth. Even if you don’t, look a little deeper. You’ll find that fear, that fear of loosing family.

And Monsanto says that the pesticides they use are not harmful to the human body. They aren't. But they are harmful to the bacteria that digest our food and keep our bodies healthy. A pesticide that does this is called Roundup, by Monsanto. Grains are sprayed with this chemical before harvesting. Most of the bread you eat every day contains this.

We need to start thinking about what could happen, what might be the downfall of the Human race…

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