7 Things to Watch for at the Nintendo Switch Launch Event

A mock up of what the Nintendo Switch may have looked like. We now know this is not how it will look.
  1. Nintendo will likely go on a deep dive into the new Mario game, especially if rumours of Zelda’s delay are true. This 3D Mario apparently has multiple objectives per level, and will cater to a more open world style of play, akin to Mario 64.
  2. While not detailed in the presentation itself, we expect Nintendo to release information on the final power of the machine. It will fall in line with the recent leak Eurogamer discussed, trading power for affordability and battery life in handheld mode.
  3. Super Mario Run will be available on the Switch in an upgraded version. The primary upgrade will be an increase to a realistic console price of $60.
  4. Regie Fils-Aime will hold his hands apart while discussing something.
  5. The Gamecube emulation will be detailed. Nintendo are likely to discuss how they cracked time travel. Without going into detail and revealing commercial secrets, they will discuss how each Nintendo Switch is capable of sending a time signal back to an old Gamecube, and grab a specific game for playing on the new console. As such, only 21 million people can play Gamecube at the same time. That bottleneck will be one of the reasons Evo drop Super Smash Bros Melee in 2025, when the e-sports are a massive, worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to time travel Nintendo know this, and expect to correct the issue in their Nintendo Switch U, released in 2027.
  6. Shigeru Miyamoto will smile.
  7. With their new mastery of navigating the infinitely finite spaces between time, Nintendo will bring back Satoru Iwata. Due to the nature of time travel they will only be able to grab his soul, which they embed into the E3 2015 muppet version of Iwata. All will be right in the world.
Is there anything that can convey happiness better than Shigeru Miyamoto smiling? No, there isn’t.

In Australia you can catch the Nintendo Switch Live Presentation at 3pm, Friday 13/01/2017. Inevitably Silent Protagonist will do something with the information that is revealed at the presentation.

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