An Open Letter to WB Movies (and WB Games)

Thankfully, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside

After news hit that Hideo Kojima, a man so revered, renowned and respected that he couldn’t keep his job with Konami of all game companies, got all Lego’d up thanks to some kind words about The Lego Batman Movie, we at Silent Protagonist coincidentally feel that it is time to discuss our love of Lego.

The first sign that Lego Dimensions is getting a Death Stranding fun pack

Dear WB Movies (and WB Games, because we’re a gaming site),

Everything is awesome. Not in life, which is a never ending barrage of horror, cat videos and horrific cat videos; but in Lego.

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. I assume the Lego team is cool, because Lego is cool. The Lego team is definitely cooler than the Silent Protagonist team.

Everything is awesome when you’re living out a dream, however. I find myself living out a dream every time I play a Lego game; or watch a Lego movie; or quietly sit alone, stroking my minifig; or occasionally sit on a crowded bus, stroking my minifig.

I recently saw The Lego Batman Movie, and it was great. It was awesome. It was Bat-tastic. It is a brilliant piece of cinema; the all-time greatest Batman movie that doesn’t star Adam West. The movie is so brilliant that I’m going to review it for Silent Protagonist, and give it a perfect ten. Out of ten. I know what you’re thinking — “Silent Protagonist is a great gaming site (the greatest, even), but they’re a gaming site. They don’t review movies!” — but we do review movies, as you can see here.

But as pointed out, Silent Protagonist is a video game site, so I will discuss my love of Lego games. As someone who thinks Batman is almost as cool as Lego, Lego Batman, Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are some of gaming’s finest achievements, creating an expansive DC universe that Zack Snyder couldn’t achieve in his wildest imagination. This is the Dark Knight trilogy that out-Dark Knights Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. This is the Batman trilogy that raises the stakes like the Arkham trilogy never could.

Lego Harry Potter managed to tell a story in two volumes that JK Rowling took seven to tell. The Lego Star Wars games fulfilled the fantasies of fans the world over who always wanted to know what Chewbacca would look like with Slave Leia’s body. Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego Marvel’s Avengers showed the world how easy it is to capitalise on film’s biggest franchise.

You guys can do anything!

But let’s talk about Lego Dimensions. Your crowning achievement, the pinnacle of anything and everything, Lego’s zenith. You have created a wondrous multiverse of wondrous delights. DC superheroes, more DC superheroes, and even more DC superheroes! The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch! Marty McFly! The Doctor, some Dakeks, Cybermen and the TARDIS! Goonies! Simpsons! Harry Potter and his friends! Fantastic Beasts which don’t count as Harry Potter so you can class them as two franchises! And that’s before you’ve even released your Powerpuff Girls sets! Or yet more DC superheroes!

No, Lego Dimensions hasn’t treated us to Marvel superheroes or Star Wars characters, which simultaneously makes me sad while saving me money. But you understand me. You made me happy while taking my money after releasing a second Batman toy. With a sword. A sword!

And that’s what Lego understands: Selling nostalgia to those of us wanting to recapture our youth, and proving that grown-ups just want to play with toys, even after “buying them for the kids.”

Lego completes me, like finding that one last brick completes my latest construction.

So long and thanks for all the bricks,

The stud at Silent Protagonist