Bethesda Doesn’t Want You to Buy Prey

That was then...

Bethesda has announced that they do not want to sell Prey to gamers. Doing their best to ensure that this is the case, they are releasing a demo on 27 April, roughly a week before the full game’s release.

In a statement provided to Silent Protagonist, they say:

At Bethesda, we did our very best to not reboot Prey. It is a classic game that should not be touched. However, after we cancelled the game, the fans demanded it so we obliged. But if our years in the video game industry have taught us just one thing, it’s this: fans are dumb.
We are encouraging gamers to not buy Prey by giving them access to the demo more than a week before it hits stores. We have every confidence that the Prey reboot will be a great game, but it’s time for the world to face facts: It ain’t Prey.
Likewise, we will not be releasing advance copies to critics. As with all our games, we expect reviews to he brilliant, and we will not be allowing this positive to sell games.
...this is n0w

Not Prey releases on 5 May.