EXCLUSIVE: Lego Dimensions Season 3 Revealed

Video games aren't for kids any more

With the revelation of The Goonies Level Pack featuring Sloth, a Lego City Fun Pack tying in with the upcoming Lego City Undercover and a new Harry Potter Fun Pack featuring Hermoine all releasing in May, Lego Dimensions is still going strong. The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack and Excalibur Batman Fun Pack are also due for release shortly, proving the age old adage of “when in doubt, add Batman.” Traveller’s Tale Games are looking to the future however, and Silent Protagonist has the exclusive details.

Where toys to life has traditionally been a children’s genre, Lego Dimensions has largely taken properties beloved by people who used to be children, and packaged these up in a game that masquerades as a product for children. With the hints dropped in Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them (read the Silent Protagonist review here) about Red Dwarf seeing a release, the mask began to slip. Red Dwarf is one of a number of new franchises to be included in Lego Dimensions season three, kicking off later in the year in celebration of the toys to life game’s second anniversary.

Story Packs

Red Dwarf

Fun, fun, fun... In the sun, sun, sun...

Where the story packs released thus far have been adapted from movies, Red Dwarf represents a departure, and instead adapts series XI around the time it reaches our TV screens. The includes Lister and Kryten minifigs (while not yet confirmed, expect a Fun Pack including Rimmer and the Cat), a Scutter you can build and Lister and Rimmer’s quarters for the portal.

Fifty Shades Darker

This minifig will take whatever you can give

Packaged with Christian Grey Anastasia Steele and ride-on toys, Fifty Shades Darker will allow you to transform your portal to your very own miniaturised sex dungeon. Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will reprise their roles as you “play the complete movie.” The characters will come with new “master” and “slave” abilities.

Level Packs

Ash vs Evil Dead

Hail to the minifig, baby

What do Lego Dimensions and Ash vs Evil Dead have in common? They’re both in existence to capitalise on 1980s nostalgia. One of the hottest shows on TV right now, the set includes Ash, the Necronomicon and Ash’s trusty Oldsmobile. While new abilities won’t be included, after docking the Necronomicon in the marked areas, Ash will be able to travel through time.


When you lose it's game over, man

Before Alien: Covenant’s release, Lego Dimensions is getting you into the spirit of fighting xenomorphs with the Aliens level pack. Loosely adapting the second film (because more people love James Cameron than Ridley Scott, who’s returning for Covenant), the pack comes complete with Ellen Ripley, a xenomorph and a power loader for all your alien killing action.


Even better than the movie!

While last year saw DOOM’s resurgence with one of the better FPS releases in recent years, this Lego Dimensions level pack is going old school, with graphics to match blocky Lego designs. The first Lego Dimensions FPS includes Doomguy (name confirmed), an imp and a cacodemon.

Team Packs

Orange is the New Black

We've got time - to play Lego

The Orange is the New Black team pack comes with a Piper Chapman minifig which promises to be the Trojan Horse to get people playing Lego Dimensions. Also included is Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, upgradable panties and a chicken. The adventure world will include, selling cigarettes, drugs and panties. Jason Biggs will not reprise his role.

Natural Born Killers

Video games are like the weather, only they're man-made weather

Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis reprise their roles as Mickey and Mallory, as they embark on an expletive-ridden killing spree. Also included in the set are a video camera to film your mass murdering exploits, and a camera to act as the one last witness to those mass murdering exploits.

The Lonely Island

Step one: Put your brick in a box

After the success of The Lego Movie’s “Everything is Awesome,” Warner Bros is keen to continue their relationship with the Lonely Island team. The set includes the only member anybody knows, Andy Samberg; and Justin Timberlake, who everybody assumes is a member of the group. Also included are a box with a suspicious hole in it, and a boombox which belts out such family friendly fare as “I’m So Humble,” “Dick in a Box,” and “Jizz in My Pants.”

Fun Packs

Breaking Bad

The minifig who knocks

Bryan Cranston takes whatever chance he can get to reprise his role as Walter White, and he leapt at the chance to bring him to life as a minifig. Packaged with the RV, Walter is the first non-The Lego Movie character to have the master builder ability. His adventure world features cooking and raking in studs as you sell your wares.

Debbie Does Dallas

Ride me, cowboy

In a bid to show that Lego Dimensions isn’t driving away children, the Debbie Does Dallas fun pack is co-branding with Lego Friends to appeal to young girls in a bid to demonstrate that you can do anything if you work hard enough for it. The adventure world includes footballers. Lots of footballers.

‘Bat of Gotham’ Batman

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Ben Affleck recently announced that he won’t be directing The Batman as he can’t devote the attention required to give us the hero we deserve. This is due to him learning that his DCEU contract includes reprising the role in video games. Perhaps the least kid friendly set in season three, you can take him out on murderous rampages, and explore Gotham City as envisaged by Zack Snyder. As you play, just remember: when in doubt, add Batman.