GamerGate Doesn’t Pay: The Cautionary Tale of Adam Baldwin

Allan Whatford
May 21, 2017 · 3 min read
Sci-fi icon turned harassment icon

The world was in shock last week, when Injustice 2 hit and Adam Baldwin — the one Baldwin not cool enough to qualify to be a Baldwin brother — was nowhere to be seen. Baldwin’s fellow Firefly alumn Alan Tudyk was present, reprising his role as Green Arrow, but the similarly shaded Lantern is now voiced by Steve Blum.

While I am willing to concede that Baldwin may not have reprised his role thanks to being woefully miscast, it is far more likely that NetherRealm, WB Games, and anybody else who had any part in the creation of Injustice 2, do not want to associate themselves with wacky rogues who like to hide behind their keyboards spouting sexist trash about any woman remotely associated with the video game industry who dares to have any profile or following. For the sake of simplicity, we will just refer to them as “GamerGaters.”

If Adam Baldwin wasn't such a dick, this would have been a great Firefly reunion

Baldwin is widely reputed to be the brains behind #gamergate hashtag, the bowel movement (it’s so full of shit) where men feeling threatened that some day, a woman somewhere could break through that glass ceiling and send shards of shattered glass tumbling to the ground, causing a hazard for the men in the world. The bowel movement that has resulted in numerous death threats to women. The bowel movement that has resulted in the doxxing of a number of women. Baldwin is considered the godfather of the bowel movement, effectively the biggest turd.

Firefly’s Alan Tudyk got to reprise his role in Injustice 2. Firefly’s Nathan Fillion, also known for voicing Green Lantern, is not just reprising his role in Destiny 2, but is central to it’s marketing. And Firefly’s Ron Glass isn’t getting fired from games, keeping so busy that people can’t hire him! Fast forward to now.

He looks up to Trump's mad Twitter skills

But Firefly’s Adam Baldwin has not been able to reprise his role for Injustice 2. Firefly’s Adam Baldwin has not had a single video game role since 2015. Nor has he had a TV role since 2015. Movies are a little different, however — Firefly’s Adam Baldwin hasn’t had a film role since 2012.

Please spare a thought for Mr Baldwin, once suffering​ in silence because he had to endure the girl’s name Jayne in Firefly, now suffering a fate that, according to those behind the bowel movement is worse and less deserved doxxing, and threats because he happened to be born with a penis.

Who’d have thought actively​participating in a bowel movement that harasses women could ever be bad for your career? No doubt, Mr Baldwin never considered that possibility. But let’s face it, the state of his career is the women’s fault, right?

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Video game news and opinion, mostly made up.

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