Hack Update 1.666: Ubisoft Edition

Hugh Hackman.

Ubisoft are the latest entertainment conglomerate to tackle the recent surge of hack attacks.

Today, in an attempt to preempt spoilers Ubisoft PR leaked details of several of their upcoming titles.

Several Abstergo branded laptops were conspicuously left on public transport around the world. On booting them up users were greeted with a personal message from everybody's favourite hacker, Aiden Pearce.

Welcome to the new world c##ksucker. F##king Ubisoft can’t keep these titles from you.

As long as the person who found the laptop could enter their Uplay details they were allowed to keep the computer, and treated to information on one of a handful of upcoming games.

We have done our best to collate that information below. We will update this list if further laptops surface.

The second Assassin's Creed film is going to put the ass in assassin.

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Returns Ezio Edition

After 2017 Assassin Creed Empire’s failure to recapture their audience Ubisoft have given up and returned to their favourite Assassin. The game will come with two playable modes: Ezio Fully Amoured Campaign, and the imaginatively titled Ezio Topless Campaign.

Ghost Recon: Chicago

After cleaning up Bolivia Ubisoft return to a crime ridden, right wing fantasy driven version of America’s second favourite fictional city (after Gotham), Chicago.

We look forward to taking on both the so out of control it must be imaginary crime culture and bringing down the too watchful eye of CtOS.

Watch Dogs 3: The Beginning

After Watch Dogs 2 sold less than expected the series returns to where it all began: Fifteenth Century Italy.

Join Ezio as he fights the House of Medici, who, using technology stolen from Leonardo da Vinci are trying to implement a city wide can and string surveillance system to monitor the citizens.

Just Dance 2018

And 2019. And 2020. And 2021.

It looks like it is going to be an exciting few years for Ubi fans and tower lovers alike, as Ubisoft doubles down on the addictions that made it a tempting takeover target for Vivendi. At Silent Protagonist we will report on the above as soon as more details become available in May, when the traditional pre-E3 leaking occurs.