Horizon Zero Dawn, the Demo, the First Fifteen Minutes

Thanks to IGNAU, Sony Australia and Guerrilla Games for hosting a hands on preview of everyone’s new favourite robot dinosaur game.
I can only assume the minerals in this mineral water are from harvested technosaurs.

The beast, metal and electricity shoved together in nightmare form, towered over Aloy. Armed only with a bow, bombs and her wits she sized up the behemoth and planned her attack.

Last night this reporter attended a preview for Horizon Zero Dawn, so called because it doesn’t have the day/night cycle common to open world games these days, hosted by the number 2 Australian gaming site (according to Silent Protagonist’s marketing material) IGN Australia.

To kick off the event Joel Eschler flew out from Guerrilla Games Amsterdam to talk about the game and take a few questions from an eager audience.

And ultimately, I managed to get my grubby hands on a controller for 15 minutes of robodino hunting fun.

First, I really need to talk about crafting. Specifically, there was no craft beer at the event, though there was Peroni, which if you are hosting an event for a varied audience is a perfectly fine go to beer, if a little light on the flavour for my personal palate.

Like Ezio, give this beer a chance and it'll try to grow on you. Like Connor, it may not have enough personality to succeed.

In between bouts of pinning “grazer" non transforming dinobots to the ground with wires, I sipped the Peroni and began to develop a new admiration for such a quaffable, broadly appealing beer.

Soon I was into the meat of our techno post apocalypse, sampling grilled chicken skewers with just enough satay sauce to satisfy the taste buds, without challenging them.

Though I would be remiss to note the host of ways you could have approached the demo, armed with spring rolls, fresh rice paper rolls and a delightful range of burgers, all looking belly ready.

Burgers form the base of the "Ultra Collectors You Want to Be Awesome" Edition. Depending on when you pick up your "Fan Favourites New IP" Edition we may recommend you don't eat the burger.

The main course was of course a cheese burger, and it didn’t disappoint. As with the other food it wasn’t designed to provoke discussion, but rather to woof down with simple enjoyment.

If I had the leisure to take my time with the preview I am sure there were depths of flavour I rushed by, but even without them I left feeling full.

The saddest part of the preview.