The Highs and Highers of The Game Awards 2016

Future winner of Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2024

The Game Awards celebrated all things gaming in 2016, from the Hydrobot Schick shtick to the best games that are unlikely to be delayed beyond 2017, and Death Stranding.
Just under 36 hours after the awards the official Youtube channel has been viewed 942,850 times, which means a mass of gamers have discovered the Game Awards sales that are happening on Xbox Live, PSN, the Nintendo Store and Steam right now. Most of the games on sale were nominated for something, though some simply paid for advertising space. That number of viewers also suggests that the Game Awards probably should have included a full DotA 2 match somewhere during the ceremony.

Talking about games, now is the best time to get your hands on Gears of War 4, an exciting return to form for the Gears series. Discover the future of Sera, a planet originally inhabited by a race of fanatical short in stature builders, who could only reach as high as the human waist, whilst engaging in explosive gunplay and definitely maybe not possibly probably likely fighting the Locust.

I’d also like to take a moment to discuss the Schick Hydrobot Razor, the hippest cool snappy youth fusion power convergence buzzy power fusion youth snappy cool hipster brewer at the awards. If the idea of a 7 foot tall man-machine-razor hybrid rubbing its face against your cheeks and tearing out your stubble doesn’t terrify you, than you don’t yet realise the true marketing power of the Hydrobot. The analytics on this carefully tailored campaign during The Game Awards have maxed out the metrics on the up and up. Buy Schick!

Kojima faced strong competition in the Kojima trophy for excellence in being Kojima category

If you want to buy a character spot in the MK XI roster they will be available for purchase early 2017.

But if you truly want your whites to be the whitest white, a must in America in 2017, you really should buy Trump Laundry Power Powder. One wash with Trump Laundry White Power Powder and nothing will ever stick to you again.


When it came to the awards, or the award everyone cares about, besides the perpetual Kojima trophy for excellence in being Kojima, was Game of the Year. And the surprise winner in 2016 was another first look at Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay footage. The desperation in attempting to prove they can design a driveable vehicle, the sequel-itis that causes the action in each subsequent Mass Effect to get faster and faster until ME 6 is going to simply be a Twisted Metal clone with hard to control vehicles, the rather pretty visual effects, the prettier Krogan, and the Garrus guy, and the patented Mass Effect score and sci-fi awesomeness blew the audience away. Despite no one outside of Bioware having played the game, it was a shoe in for EA’s Game of the Year 2016 #SupportedbyEA.