New Reviews — December 2016

Hopefully EA will reboot the franchise for the next generation of consoles

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 opens with a series of bombastic scenes that are directly tied into the previous four games. It then beds down amongst a series of waist high walls and starts lying about being an evolution of Gears storytelling, with somewhat prettier battlefield debris to take cover behind, and occasionally more futuristic, or robotic, enemies.

6.7 / 10

TitanFall 2

Not Call of Duty Giant Robot edition tells a forgettable tale about slaughtering nameless soldiers on mass, which is okay, because some of them are robots and all of them are fun to kill. Some of the humans you kill do have names, but that’s also okay, because they’re space South Africans.

Postive: The wall running and double jumping feels great. There’s nothing else in 2016 that does movement like TitanFall 2.

Con: The developer, Respawn Entertainment tweeted out an image of a PS4 disc, which seems antagonistic. They should have tweeted out an image of both the PS4 and Xbox copies, perfectly aligned side by side so neither one held prominence. Or they should have figured out a way to engineer it so that PS4 fans on Twitter saw the PS4 disc, and Xbox One fans saw an Xbox disc (or a mock up of the Xbox disc, as the Xbox green discs aren’t as pretty).

8.2 / 10


One of those Indie titles that is all mood and trying to make you think about life and death and community and how I’ve wasted precious years not playing moody Indie games and thinking deep thoughts and that I should just go and stand on a beach and contemplate life but I’m going to go back into TitanFall 2 instead.

7.8 / 10

“Fuck the unions.”

Uncharted 4

The second best Uncharted game, visually jaw dropping, and with characters it is easy to give a damn about. Also completely stuck on the Indiana Jones pulp adventure script, with nothing subversive or interesting about it. You’re probably better off playing Uncharted 2. Game of the year contender.

7.9 / 10

The Latest Ubisoft Open World Game

It is fun and well worth playing if you have already 100%ed GTA V. And 100%ed Sleeping Dogs. And played some Mafia III. You’ll enjoy it, though really we’re excited to see where this franchise goes. If they evolve the right elements they will have a brilliant game on their hands.

7.6 / 10

A note on our review scores: We play and evaluate the almost innumerable technical and narrative elements of a game, trying to distill those factors into a final figure that represents the entirety of our thoughts and feelings on the title. We then look up the user average on Metacritic, crowdsourcing a much wider audience that may have insights or loves or grudges that in no way are related to the written portion of our review, and use that number as our final score.

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