Other Sites Review the Nintendo Switch

My body is also ready.

In the lead up to the launch of the most anticipated tablet-console hybrid since Ubisoft’s second screen experiences a number of gaming and tech sites have received Nintendo Switches.

In an act that is obviously political, and only comparable to the diabolical Obama ordered wire tapping of Trump, Nintendo declined to send Silent Protagonist a Switch. Rumours are we broke the Switch we went hands on with at a preview event.

Normally not having a copy of a game/product would be no impediment to us reviewing it. But with something as revolutionary as a portable smart device we felt it best to wait till there are more games than just Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the system. Expect our review toward the end of 2018.

In the meantime, let’s cash in on other sites’ journalism and provide a review round up.

Remember, the below reviews are about the Nintendo Switch, not the BDSM term for a versatile participant.

Kotaku on the joys of spontaneous group Switching:

Up to eight Switches can network with one another in the wild, potentially forming the locus of a mobile multiplayer hoedown.

Engadget on their testing process:

The Switch has a lot riding on it.

Gamespot on audible joys:

They generate a very satisfying snap when you slide them in place.

The Guardian on the promiscuity of playing everywhere:

…the Switch can be taken wherever you go.
A few friends, a few drinks, and everyone is into a little Switch.

The New York Times on the risks of growing close:

Still, getting the Switch is a risk worth taking. Its games offer an intimate form of gameplay…

Polygon thinks of the children:

Even the most extravagant of Nintendo’s handhelds have been relatively safe for children. But the Switch is not a toy…

Australia’s own Sydney Morning Herald goes deep with the vibration:

…a new kind of vibration feedback Nintendo calls "HD Rumble" (essentially it lets you feel a range of subtle tactile sensations rather than just a vibration). The right Joy-Con even has an IR camera that detect the shapes of objects you put in front of it…
Can we have a new Rez game please?

We can only assume this video is from CNET’s Jeff Bakalar:

After all there’s no way to identify those anonymous hands.

A note about our review scores: Normally we play and evaluate the almost innumerable technical and narrative elements of a hard piece of ware, trying to distill those factors into a final figure that represents the entirety of our now complicated feelings. We then look up the user average on Metacritic, crowdsourcing a much wider audience that may have insights or loves or grudges that in no way are related to the written portion of our review, and use that number as our final score. As metacritic doesn’t have user scores for gaming consoles, Silent Protagonist will simply continue to stand in a dark corner, watching other sites play with their Switches, breathing heavily.
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