Sega Does What Nintendon’t (On Mobile)

It's back, baby!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, some other old Sega titles, are coming to your phone.

The long dead publisher announced plans to resurrect itself Mummy like (Brendan Fraser, not Tom Cruise) by bringing its extensive catalogue to mobile.

Sega has flirted with mobile games in the past, but their new Sega Forever brand is a direct, purposeful effort to reach into our childhoods and bring games like Sonic, and whatever else they used to publish back into our lives.

Childhood is a delicate time. When your kids are discovering the world what dangers are they exposed to? Do you know what they get up to online?

In a very Sega move they released the first wave of games on the same day they announced Sega Forever. Right now you can download classics like Sonic and like other Sega games.

Sonic and some other guys. To his left is, um, Luigi the not Hedgehog.

Sega aren’t the only old school publisher who have been flirting via iPhones and trying to light up Samsung handsets by shifting their IP to IOS and Android. Nintendo have had varying degrees of success, from smashing to fucking jaw dropping with their first forays into your pocket.

But whereas Nintendo felt bound to protect Mario’s perceived value by making his phone game a premium purchase, Sega’s hedgehog comes cheap. Sega are pursuing a free to play, ad supported model for Sega Forever.

Our main concern is the nature of the advertising. You may download Sonic and, um, other old game guys so you can share memories of your youth with your child. But if they fire up Sonic after you’re out of the room, what will they be subjected to in 20 second bursts of marketing? That’s why Silent Protagonist have paired with the FBI’s newly created commercial arm to provide an online tracking service. Call your local FBI office today and quote offer code “Silent" for a 10% discount on the first month.

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