Square Enix Has Faith in the Nintendo Switch

On their mounts, the crowds head out to queue for their Switches

At Frankfurt’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival (or simply FFFFFF), Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida discussed bringing the franchise to the Nintendo Switch.

According to Yoshida, should the Switch allow for cross-platform play (something switches tend to do well, or so Silent Protagonist has been told), the publisher will consider bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Nintendo Switch.

This represents an unprecedented level of faith in Nintendo’s console. Rather than bringing the recent Final Fantasy XV to the Switch, Square Enix is instead considering releasing a four year old game, presumably because the Switch will be able to run it. The requirement for cross-platform play is a great sign that enough Nintendo Switches will be sold that some players will want to find a server, without the hassle of hoping there are enough Switch players to find a game.

Maybe the Switch U will be able to handle Final Fantasy XV

Should Final Fantasy XIV see a Switch release, having released in 2013, it will be one of the newer games available on the console.