The Switch Community Helps Nintendo Rise

This ding dong likes to Switch

The number of fans inserting their cartridge into their Switch’s slot has resulted in Nintendo’s biggest success since getting millions of people passing their Wiimotes around parties, letting all their friends take a turn. The Switch community’s excitement is a hard act to follow, with Nintendo’s share price having risen by 102% to ¥31,880.

While last year’s Pokemon Go aroused many a Nintendo fan and was responsible for getting it up by 119%, it all ended prematurely. Once they realised that it’s technically a Niantic game and not a Nintendo game, their interest went flaccid.

Nintendo is finally providing stiff competition to Microsoft and Sony who have been dominating the console race since fans the world over stopped playing with their Wiis. This represents the first time that Nintendo has observed any growth since 2009, suffering soft sales since.

Luigi is always ready to jump on a P

The excited head of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, had the following to say:

At Nintendo, we have a rock hard commitment to the Switch lifestyle, and are pleased with the number of Dicks, Peters, Willys and Wangs who are enjoying our our tentpole release. Thanks to their support, we can declare the Nintendo Switch “Man’s Best Friend.”
We look forward to the year ahead, where we promise to get bigger and bigger. Throughout the year, there is plenty more to come, including the new IPs Blue Steel, Morning Glory, Trouser Snake, Raging Salmon and Pocket Rocket; all of which will have you grasping your Joy-Con in glee.
To all of you out there standing tall as you enjoy the Switch lifestyle, we give you the full salute.

Silent Protagonist understands that Nintendo’s staff have pitched a tent and are celebrating with custard slingers for all.