Warner Bros Bails Out Disney, Resurrects Avalanche Software

Joy - learning that Avalanche is returning. Anger - learning that they won't resurrect Disney Infinity

In film, Warner Bros' DCEU pits Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman against the Disney’s MCU characters Iron Man, Captain America and Thor; in a bid for superhero shared universe dominance. In video games, however, the corporations are playing a little more nicely. In news that is sure to delight fans of Disney Infinity, the toys to life game with very little gameplay but lots of pretty toys, Warner Bros has resurrected Avalanche Software.*

While fans hope Avalanche will be given the go ahead to bring back Disney Infinity, Warner Bros may be generous, but they’re not generous enough to cannibalise Lego Dimensions' toys to life marketshare. Instead, Avalanche will bring an adaptation of Cars 3 to console.

This marks a return to form for the studio, who previously released Cars 2 on console. Avalanche has a fine pedigree with the racing franchise, which scored 74 on Metacritic, exceeding 98% of games based on movies, as well as the film itself with its score of 58. When people finally see the film at cinemas, Silent Protagonist expects widespread complaints about it not living up to the game.

Mater is unsure how to take Lightning's proposition to bring his toy to life

In a statement, Disney Consumer Products President, Kyle Laughlin had to say the following, apparently forgetting the gaming experience that Avalanche is most recognised for.

“We are excited to once again be working with the Avalanche team, who have a deep understanding of the Disney Pixar DNA, and a history of translating our stories into great gaming experiences.”

While 300 people lost their jobs when Disney closed Avalanche Software, Warner Bros has apparently employed about 100 for the new interation. While they had a budget for the full team, the remainder was used to hire 200 staff members for Lego Dimensions, supporting their own toys to life game. Generous bunch, Warner Bros.

*Not to be confused with Avalanche Studios of Just Cause fame. Disney regrets getting the wrong Avalanche on board — putting them behind Disney Infinity would have actually sold.