Building Trust With Your Building Contractor

The residential real estate market in the United States is booming. The supply of homes in hot areas like the East and West Coast is driving prices to ridiculous levels. Families in these areas are plunking down nearly a million dollars for a post World War II bungalow. In local parlance, these are called teardowns.

Teardowns offer a compelling choice. Often they are located near the core of cities. This can mean a lot when issues of job commuting time are considered. If you fit into this group and are considering the teardown option, first talk to someone who has been through the experience.

Be prepared to hear a few colorful (horror) stories about the process. Along the way it is guaranteed the words, crooked contractor, shoddy workmanship and missed deadlines will come out. Every little deficiency in the process goes on a little piece of paper: a Punch List. Sometimes the owner’s copy of the Punch List agrees with the contractor, but not often.

And then, weeks after moving into their $1.5 million dream cottage, there are those mysterious cracks in the walls, the watermarks showing in the sheet rock or that weird odor coming from the backyard.

Months later, after the neighbor has made repeated comments about the source of the weird odors and the contractor is deep into another project, all memory of those conversations with the contractor have faded into a massive blur. This is when things get really interesting.

An attorney is consulted. When asked for a written record of communication with the contractor, there is an OMG moment. There are no records of all those meetings and phone conversations. Good luck, this is going to be an uphill battle.

Not only is it necessary to recreate events from memory but think of the time required. This is not the most pleasant way to spend nights and weekends.

There Is A Better Way

There are limitless real world applications for Working with home construction projects is just one.

Begin your project the right way with SilentNotary. Record results using photos or videos. The details of success or failure to deliver on time or rejected items will become evidence.

Record time and details when a defect is detected. Send records video files and other details for certification and to secure your interests.

Verbal agreements no longer get lost. Activate the SilentNotary audio recording and have the conversation recorded to secure and protect your interests.

Here are the features that allow you to easily create a permanent record of every step. For your comfort in navigation, SilentNotary works with all major formats. Let’s take a look.

When you logon to SilentNotary, start with the Email-bot. Simply shoot a copy of all written or verbal communication to the SilentNotary email address ( and everything will automatically be certified and stored in the Notary Vault.

Chat-bot for Telegram offers maximum flexibility. Just turn it on and gain access to all its functions, including registering all communications and verifications.

Chat-bot for Facebook is the first to use all options provided by Facebook. It understands how to assure and preserve all the correspondence and attached files.
 The product is developed to be functional in a multi-chat mode as well.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS will give you immediate access to all the above features and more. Start recording audio, video of take pictures in a second, send the files for certifications and there you are. All uploaded information is stored in the Notary Vault and registered in the Blockchain.

October 26th ICO Is Here

SilentNotary’s blockchain technology is changing the world of trust and verification. Over 3.2 billion people on the globe have daily use for application of this technology and the founders of SilentNotary are working day and night to bring their services to this audience.

This is the reason for their planned ICO that begins on November. Time is short so getting your interest registered is running out. We invite you to join us in building trust in the world.

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication