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Ethereum: Scaling The World With Casper

In our last posting, we talked about the arrival of Casper the inspiration of Ethereum developer Viad Zamfir. What Casper does, in a few words, is to materially lowering the cost of validating (mining) transactions, while dramatically improving processing speed. This is a game changer in many ways and one of the big reasons for the recent 50%+ rise in the price of Ether.

This is welcome news to everyone connected to the Ethereum blockchain platform. However, the world of blockchains is based on an open system. Already there are competitors interested in disrupting Ethereum. Thus it is important that developments like Casper are constantly taking place.

The operative term with Casper is long-term scalability measured by volume and speed of transactions. There is a digital land grab underway and the Ethereum platform is in the lead, without a doubt.

In painting the picture of use cases, thus far we have focused on fairly mainstream industries like, insurance, construction and entertainment. But this just scratches the surface. Consider just two other multi billion sectors.

Healthcare Needs The Ethereum Platform

If ever there was a force to disrupt the world health-care system, it is Ethereum. Patient records can securely stored and access by doctors and hospitals anywhere in the world. So, for example, if you retire to Mexico and your medical history was developed in Los Angeles, no problem.

Medical researchers insist that having this is a key benefit to developing vaccines for viral outbreaks as well as viral blockers. This is just an example of one massive health care pocket of opportunity.

Fans of devices such as the Apple Watch and similar wearable devices like to point to the ability of users to transmit minute-by-minute information on their medical conditions. This could be of great value to those susceptible to heart attacks, strokes and other conditions of aging.

Artificial Intelligence: Another Frontier To Be Secured

Other than cyrptocurriencies, the technology holding the world’s attention these days is AI or Artificial Intelligence. Until now, we have avoided the topic because AI is such a mystical force. News stories give about equal time to visions of great AI virtues as well as demonic forecasts as well.

Nowhere is the need for security more obvious than with AI. The fact that with Ethereum there is no central server for a hacker makes it harder to attack even before the arrival of Casper. But for AI to really flourish will involve massive processing capabilities. Casper starts to bring that scalability into place.

The SilentNotary Ecosystem

Scalability is what stands out with SilentNotary. They are the first global blockchain notary to timestamp, certify and store data for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-government and the Internet of Things.

The founding mission of the company is to apply its patent pending Lightstamp technology to Ethereum’s blockchain platform to rebuild global trust.

Everywhere there is a need for trust and verification, there is a SilentNotary customer. This includes more than 60,000 businesses worldwide and the potential of connecting them to more than 2.3 billion of their customers on their mobile devices.

SN has first mover advantage to plant and grow an ecocyctem with services accross virtually every industry vertical.

The SN is now prepared to execute their plan. The team now totals more than 14 and growing. More than just code writers with a flashy app, SN consists of financial and legal experts, product designers and marketing specialists. The team has the firepower to deliver.


Register now for the SilentNotary whitelist and receive a special discount.

The majority of the SNTR Tokens will be sold in the main ICO now that the current Pre-Sale has successfully concluded.

We are most gratified and encouraged by the support we received starting with the Pre-Sale and now ready to move forward.

Please join the team at SilentNotary to restore trust and confidence: welcome aboard!

James Waggoner



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