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ICO’s: A Few Things You Need To Know

A recent headline appeared in The New York Post: “So far in 2017, ICO’s have attracted $3.2 billion of investor cash — four times the amount raised in 2016.”

That is a pretty impressive sum. Of course it’s The New York Post and no source was sighted in their claim.

No question the ICO market needs new adjectives to describe its hyperbolic growth. Billionaires are being made in short order. So is this the right place for you?

Don’t look to us for an answer to that question. It is not that we lack an opinion. It is just the circumstances for these decisions vary so much with every individual; it would be impossible to render good advice.

Here is our opinion is this. With $3.2 billion raised this year, ICO’s have already proved their value. So we are just in the early stages. Startup capital for investment worthy projects without diluting founders equity is a solid premise both for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

It is anybody’s guess exactly how many ICO’s have come to market this year that are counted in that enormous $3.2 billion figure. It is big number that is for sure.

Too Much Media Focus On Bad Actors

In a raging bull market for ICO’s there will be a certain number of deals that go bad because of weak founders and flimsy business plans. Because ICO’s are token sales, the Securities & Exchange Commission does not have any regulatory authority. That means we have to do our homework and seek the advice of knowledge sources.

Don’t be swayed by big headlines that target bad actors and dishonest opportunists. There are plenty of cryptocurrency websites monitoring ICO’s. If your favorite candidate appears on one of these sites, chances are they have passed the sniff test of more than one expert.

Putting Things In Perspective

Any investor who is working with ICO’s, needs to have a risk perspective. ICO’s fit into the same category as Venture Capital. Every VC knows that only about 5% of startups produce great returns on investment. This means that of this years 300 newly minted ICO’s, only 15 will produce truly great results. You simply must depend on averages because the returns can be huge.

Now lets speculate for a moment by assuming that as much as 10% of the 300 are schemes concocted by bad actors. Just for the record, I don’t honestly believe the actual number is anywhere near 10%.

As you can easily conclude, it is far more important for you to do your homework and put your dough on the right horse rather that worry about a sensational negative media headline.

As we mentioned in a recent article, there are three key questions to ask when looking at an ICO. Does your candidate’s business model fill a large unmet need?

Is there a broad base of skills and dedication in the founding management? Can they scale the business?

Now let’s take a moment to look at a company that answers yes to all three.

SilentNotary Building an Ecosystem of Trust

Who Are We

SilentNotary is the world’s first digital notary that saves and certifies documents, emails, chats, audio and video recordings while securing authenticity using blockchain technology. We intend to use our early mover advantage and patent pending Lightstamp technology to establish a dominant brand. Read our whitepaper at and learn more about Lightstamp.

The Markets We Serve

The market potential of SilentNotary is global. Everywhere where trust and verification is required, we have a customer. Think Business to Business markets like Insurance, Artists, Contractors and Blockchain Land Registrations for governments and cities. In the Business to Consumer market we address 2.32 Billion Smart Phone users. Everything is streamlined with our extensive use of mobile apps and chatbots.

Our Team

Our experienced team of 14 is growing. We are not just developers, but legal and financial experts, product designers and marketing specialists. In addition to creating easy to use mobile apps and chatbots, we have developed Lightstamp, in house. This marks a huge step forward in eliminating the possibility of data falsification. We offer the best security to build a truly solid level of trust.

Coming Up Next

The main ICO is scheduled for November 2017. The majority of the SNTR Tokens will be sold in the main ICO.

Remember, the main ICO will have a 20% discount for those registered. So you are well advised to Join the ICO now. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us as we build our global market leadership.

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication



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