Taking Smart Risks

It’s a no-brainer. We have all heard this expression. Whenever someone tells me they have an idea that is a no-brainer, it usually means that anybody with a brain would consider the idea ridiculous.

That’s because the application of brainpower would immediate identifying this mysterious thing called risk. People proposing these no-brainer ideas somehow never seem to see any impediment to fame, riches and glory. Reaching the stratosphere is just the first step on the way to Mars!

Today there is a growing cadre of these no-brainer voices in the cryptocurrency world. We say this with no disrespect to their intelligence or their successes. It is simply the times we live in. And, when it is all over, these brainless decision makers may wind up more rich than stupid.

The key is knowing where and how to take smart risks. In this article we will explain why companies like SilentNotary.com offer a smarter choice. Here are some things to consider.

As rational people, we access risk everyday, sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis. For example, you agree to meet your business partner Joe for a meeting at 2PM. What is your risk that Joe will be late?

You are under pressure, your time is valuable and Joe always likes to keep you waiting. By accurately accessing your risks, you decide to show up for the meeting 30 minutes late. As things happen, you and Joe arrive at exactly the same time. In the process, you successfully hedged your risk, congratulations.

In order to be successful you had to understand risk. In the cryptocurrency world where the future is both enormously promising yet still holds uncertainty, smart management of risk will serve you well.

Profiling The Risk Reward Equation

In accessing risk and reward, it is always important to keep in mind the underlying assets. That is where caution is needed in looking at things like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are pure cryptocurrencies. They represent the highest level of risk. There are no assets on which to measure value. They may have the biggest upside but could also leave holders with zilch. There is no guarantee that either will be around ten years from now.

The difference between coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum and tokens is important in identifying risk. While coins are based on faith and confidence that each electronic coin will at least hold its value and that these coins will continue to be accepted as a medium of exchange.

Tokens on the other hand are backed by the product or service offering of the issuer. If the buyer has use for the issuer’s business model, they can pay with tokens. They also have the option of selling or exchanging tokens. Exchanges are being established continually that make markets in these tokens.

The decision on which is the best cryptocurrency token is best requires doing a bit of homework. If somebody is offering cryptocurrency tokens to raise capital for a business that trains firefly’s to dance the Mambo, you probably want to look elsewhere.

But the key point is that each is backed by an asset or the performance of a service; something tangable to fall back on when accessing risk/reward.

How SilentNotary Offers A Safer Path

The business model of SilentNotary combines utility tokens with a service that offers the same theoretical global market as Bitcoin. In fairness to everyone, we use the term theoretical because the world is now on the vanguard of creating a series of new ecosystems for which absolute proof is still in the future.

Having made this point, the conclusion should be clear. Utility token issuers like SilentNotary.com present a lower risk while creating enormous value. October 26 is the date for the premium sale. Everyone with a fully functioning brain is warmly invited.

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication