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SilentNotary: Connecting The Dots

Is the world too focused on the price of Bitcoin and all of the price volatility surrounding this kryptonite proof cryptocurrency? It is easy to get this impression. Just about everyone on planet earth can comprehend the awesomeness of an asset that turns a few hundred dollars into more than a million.

It is so much easier to understand something like a 7000% return on investment than why the asset could hold such value. The real value is not in Bitcoin; the true value is in the blockchain and what it holds for the future.

The blockchain is not owned by anyone so investing directly into it is impossible. You must look to the beneficiaries like Bitcoin, Ethereum or the myriad of choices many of which use the Ethereum platform.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts predict blockchain technology will be bigger than the Internet. This is a bit of a stretch. But then, no one knows.

One thing is indisputable: that which is good for Bitcoin is also good for cryptocurrencies in general. It is not a competition for a finite space like Tesla where there are only so many cars sold every year. The applications for blockchain technology are just open ended.

This is good for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Ethereum platform that is being successfully used in over 1000 Initial Coin Offerings. It’s all about getting the technology in use and acceptance. Here are some recent announcements that provide evidence of growing acceptance.

American Express

Last week Amex announced it had opened a payments corridor using blockchain technology from Ripple. This allows money to be sent between Europe and the US in seconds compared with days under traditional methods.

This makes the third blockchain deal this year by American Express adding tremendous creditability.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The CME as it is better known is the world’s biggest exchange for derivatives like corn and wheat futures, announced it would launch a futures contract for Bitcoin.

The real value of the CME move is the power of investors to hedge their risks in Bitcoin and that implies reduced volatility. This is a major development.

Over time, you can be sure the CME will follow with a futures contract for Ethereum and others as well. The global significance of the Bitcoin futures announcement signals major progress in cryptocurrencies.

Wall Street Follows

The Wolves of Wall Street are also cozying up to blockchain technology. Four of the biggest firms just completed a six month test of blockchain technology in the nearly $3 trillion market for equity swaps.

The test was deemed a 100% success and was estimated to produce $8 billion in savings when fully implemented.

SilentNotary: Saving Money While Building Trust is the worlds first blockchain notary company. Their mission is to build trust and verification in the world. Along the way users can expect to save countless millions. This is being verified everyday.

SN founders are building a new ecosystem for government, business and consumers.

To the Ethereum blockchain platform SN is adding its own patent pending technology Lightstamp. This is where the big savings start.

Everywhere in the world where trust and verification is required, there is a customer.

In the B2B space there are over 60,000 companies in areas like construction, banking, insurance that translates into hundreds of millions of business users. In the B2C space there are 2.3 billion potential users.

The SN team totals more than 14 and growing. More than just code writers with a flashy app, SN consists of financial and legal experts, product designers and marketing specialists. The team has the firepower to deliver.

The ICO Moves Forward

Register for the SilentNotary ICO whitelist. The majority of the SNTR Tokens will be sold in the main ICO now that the current Pre-Sale has successfully concluded.

We are most gratified and encouraged by the support we received starting with the Pre-Sale and now look to moving forward with the main ICO.

Please join the team at SilentNotary to restore trust and confidence: welcome aboard!

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication




World’s First Blockchain Notary Company.

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