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Everyone I know that has even a passing familiarity with Bitcoin has an opinion on cryptocurrencies. These opinions are not just passing thoughts, they are strongly held positions: believers and skeptics. This is cool; it makes for some exciting times. We would love to hear from you. Take a minute and send me your crypto opinions at

Opinions From Some Experts

Well to get things started how about some thoughts on cryptocurrencies from the true experts? The measure of a true expert is someone who has done their homework and raised some serious money to invest. One crypto evangelist is Mike Novogratz, a former managing partner at giant Fortress Investment Group.

Mike is in the midst of raising a $500 million cryptocurrency hedge fund so naturally he is both a crypto believer and an enthusiastic one at that. Here are a few fun facts about the amount the surge of institutional money going into cryptocurrencies.

The Big Flow Into Crypto

According to independent research, nearly 85 new cryptocurrency hedge funds opened their doors in 2017. At the start of the year, there were just 11.

As institutional capital flows into the crypto market, the digital infrastructure to facilitate trading will follow. News that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) was planning to create a trading market for Bitcoin futures came out recently.

Now Bloomberg News reports that a test similar to Bitcoin futures is underway at the CME for Ethereum. That has two positive implications for Ether: more capital flowing into Ether and less implied volatility. This is a good thing.

According to Novogratz, Bitcoin gets the most headlines. Investors coming into the sector for the first time will keep boosting the Bitcoin price, as it’s the cryptocurrency they’ve heard of the most.

Ethereum The Crypto Sleeper

But Ethereum is about serious business. When Wall Street banks and big corporations like IBM create blockchain innovations, they’re usually applying technology from Ethereum, not Bitcoin. Wall Street trading desks have uncovered ways of applying Ethereum blockchain technology to save billions.

More than 1000 Initial Coin Offerings using the Ethereum blockchain platform demonstrate that Ethereum is proving to be the workhorse for the masses of business and consumer application.

For what it is worth, Mike predicts the price of Ether will hit $500 by year-end. Remember, that is his prediction and his alone.

SilentNotary And Ethereum: Perfect Partners

Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency, often called the first decentralized digital currency. This is what makes Bitcoin so right for global payments.

Ethereum is quite different. Think of it as a blockchain application featuring Smart Contracts that can be used where trust and verification are needed. Ethereum is an open source platform, which means that Smart Contracts can be customized including SilentNotary’s patent pending Lightstamp technology.

SN uses Smart Contracts for notarization while Lightstamp technology provides an unalterable record of precise timing. This is why Ethereum is the perfect partner. is the worlds first blockchain notary company. Their mission is to build trust and verification in the world.

Everywhere in the world where trust and verification is required, there is a customer. As we know so well, since the financial crisis back in 2008, trust has been in short supply virtually everywhere.

SN founders are building a new ecosystem for government, business and consumers.

Along the way users can expect to save countless millions. This is being verified everyday.

In the B2B space there are over 60,000 companies in areas like construction, banking, insurance that translates into hundreds of millions of business users. In the B2C space there are 2.3 billion potential users.

The SN team totals more than 14 and growing. More than just code writers with a flashy app, SN consists of financial and legal experts, product designers and marketing specialists. The team has the firepower to deliver.

The ICO Moves Forward

Register for the ICO whitelist and the 20% exclusive discount. The majority of the SNTR Tokens will be sold in the main ICO now that the current Pre-Sale has successfully concluded.

We are most gratified and encouraged by the support we received starting with the Pre-Sale and now look to moving forward with the main ICO.

Please join the team at SilentNotary to restore trust and confidence: welcome aboard!

James Waggoner, SilentNotary PR & Communication