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Letter sent on Apr 10, 2016

April MSB Pitches

We recently held our Melbourne Silicon Beach drinks this month, and if you are one of the 103 new members who came — we hope you enjoyed it! We received tremendous positive responses from everyone through the comments, emails and people coming up to the team expressing what they thought about the event.

If you want to watch the pitches, you can find them here. Our next MSB drinks are in collaboration with Melbourne Knowledge Week and General Assembly. The event will be held on May 4th (Wednesday Night). Save the date and schedule your time accordingly! RSVP on meetup (and then register on MKW Eventbrite page)

We’re keeping this letter short and sweet, as is the rest of the content. However, we’d like to take the time to greet Emma from General Assembly Melbourne as it’s her birthday when this issue goes live. So Happy Birthday Emma!

If you’re interested in suggesting an idea to the Startup community, submit it for the next issue!

Message from Athula, Lead Organiser.

Thank you for turning up in great numbers to our April MSB Drinks last Thursday. It gives us great confidence as we prepare to showcase MSB to the citizens of Melbourne through Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) next month. You can find the live-stream of the pitches in our Discussion Form.
We are doing all this to empower you. Please make use of the opportunity by pitching at MSB Drinks and don’t forget to support our sponsors. I will email this link to investors here and overseas. I think the quality of pitches and the ideas behind warrant it.
Since we don’t have any government funding as yet, we need to make sure we operate in a financially sustainable way at all times. We rely heavily on our sponsors to finance SB TV (live streams), SB Radio (podcasts) and of course SiliconNews. As you can see we are down to just 5 sponsors at the moment.
We are evaluating all our projects all the time and we will shut down any projects that don’t provide value to our members. We have decided to close SiliconLibrary as this is not popular and not sustainable in the long term. No one reads books anymore! If you have borrowed any books, please return them to SiliconOffice ASAP.
The organizers are in need of sales support to increase the sponsorship base. If you are a sales gun or know someone who is, please get in touch with me on athula@melbournesiliconbeach.org urgently. There is a financial incentive on offer. Help us to keep on empowering you.

Takeaways in the Australian Startup Scene

Interview with the Godfather of Silicon Valley, Steve Blank

Steve Blank is considered by many to be the godfather of Silicon Valley and is credited with spearheading the customer development model which birthed the lean startup, popularised by his former pupil Eric Ries’ book of the same name. He is one of the most prominent and widely respected thought leaders in the world on innovation and entrepreneurship. Listen to his interview with Steve Glaveski from the latest Future² podcast.

Business Courses for kids?

Collective Campus’ Lemonade Stand workshop aims to give primary school entrepreneurs a head start. The business course has received media coverage from The Age, ABC, and radio stations across the nation such as 3AW, 6PR and 2GB. Check out the recent interview with Weekend Sunrise below

Creative Professional Showcase

The following scopes come from March Creative Comrades — The Showcaser: Meet creatives, discover some great art. Melbourne Creative Professionals have some fantastic creatives in this community from visual artists, photographers, musicians, writers, dancers, fashion designers, graphic designers, and a lot more beyond that. Every month, the event will bring together creatives to connect over drinks in an informal and friendly environment and Creatives will have the opportunity to submit their work for screening at the next event. Watch the latest showcase.

If you are a creative Silicon Beacher, please join Melbourne Creative Professionals meetup and let’s see some more creative tech startups come out of our most creative startup city.

1st Melbourne Data Science Conference

On May 5th and 6th, the Inaugural Melbourne Data Science Initiative will be held. This is an affordable event organised by Data Scientists for Data Scientists. The conference will include 16 speakers, Full-day tutorials and breakout workshops. There are just a few spaces left for the tutorials and workshops, brought to you by world experts in their respective fields. Full details and booking details here.

General Assembly Melbourne: An Open House

Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a student at General Assembly(GA)? Well, pack up your backpack and join us to our cozy Open House. Get a tour of GA’s space, meet the team and learn about our upcoming offerings.

Social Impact Innovation: An Exciting New Meetup

Social Impact Innovation is the newest addition to Melbourne’s vibrant meetup ecosystem. With a focus on how emerging technology trends such as Big Data, Whole Earth Simulation, Immersive Technology, IoT, 3D printing and much more can be used for social impact. The inaugural meet-up will feature speakers Joel De Ross on “Designing The Future We Want” and Megan Wright discussing the topic of “The Birth Of The Social Impact Network”. Join now!

Peak15 Healthtech Events: Wearables, Sensors, IoT !

Peak15 Healthtech will be co-hosting its Meetup at the Connect Expo and Digital Health Summit. The Meetup will explore and showcase some of the most innovative Tech in Health — Wearables, Sensors, IoT and more. The event will also showcase the Bytes-for-Health program being launched at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Peak15 Healthtech occurs on the 20th April from 6:00–8:30 PM at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Join Peak15 Healthtech here.

Jobs Board:

Front-end/full stack developer — Re*team

It takes currently over 30 days to fill an ICT role on average. Re*team is an exciting new platform simplifying greatly the way Recruiters and Professional Resources meet and match. Re*team is looking for a front-end or full stack developer during their implementation phase.

Full Stack developer / Technical founder — New Startup

A Startup on it’s early phase is looking for a full-stack developer or technical partner to build an MVP for some online/cloud business software. So far the project has been researched, wireframe and received positive feedbacks. Please contact Neil Simpson via email (simpsonneil1@gmail.com) or through Linkedin

Did you know we have a Job Board?

Post your Job Vacancy, Job Wanted post or even if you are looking for a co-founder, tech co-founder or someone to contribute sweat equity and we will link to it from SiliconNews.

Events to attend:


MSB Drinks for MKW 2016 — May 4(Wed)

Silicon Collective: Innovation Day for MKW 2016 — May 6 (Sat)

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