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Letter sent on Mar 21, 2016

SiliconNews #8: On learning, fears and growth.

Credit: Fears

Welcome to SiliconNews #8.

Since the last issue, we’ve welcomed 70 new members in our community. Last year, within the first 3 months of the year we welcomed 554 new members. This year, in the same duration we received 752 members and successfully reached our milestone of 5000 members. Of course, the growth of members joining is not what makes this year a special one for Melbourne Silicon Beach (MSB). We want to know: How many of our members are actively engaged?

Through our education partners providing workshops and active mailouts, we received a staggering increase of member participation. Particularly, 1,247 of our community members have taken an interest in events and joined this year in comparison to the 724 members that participated in the same duration last year. This is another great milestone for us and we are proud of this achievement this quarter.

We believe that learning is a constant experience and not just something that we stop doing after university. Alexia Tsotsis from Tech Crunch stepped down on her role as Co-EIC(Editor-in-Chief) to enroll for a 1-year MBA at Stanford. “If you stop learning, you stop living” — she decided to step down in order to better understand her own role as an analyst and an investor. Not all of us can step down from our jobs and focus on just learning, but the idea is to give yourself the opportunity to refine your skillsets throughout your career. This is why we constantly inform the community of opportunities to network, to learn and be inspired. SiliconNews is just one of the platforms to achieve that goal.

So make sure to watch this space for new opportunities to grow and send us feedback on what else you’d like to see! If you haven’t been paying attention, we take our feedbacks very seriously.

Stay well, and see you at our next MSB drinks!


Land your Startup in San Francisco

On 19th of Feb, The Minister for Trade and Invest launched the Australian Government’s first Landing Pad, designed to help Australian entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market and build high-growth and high-return enterprises. Applications for the first round are open now.

Land your Startup in San Francisco

Applications are now open for the San Francisco Landing Pad, with the first intake commencing on 1 April 2016. Your application should include information about your startup and your team; your vision for your company; and how participation in the Landing Pads will help you take your business to the world. Successful applicants will secure a place at established accelerator RocketSpace in the geographical and cultural heart of San Francisco’s new technology boom, for a period of up to 90 days. RocketSpace was once the home for startups like Uber, Zappos and Spotify.

Apply today at http://www.australiaunlimited.com/LandingPads/about-landing-pads

Service Providers

Austrade is asking relevant businesses, advisory services, chambers of commerce and other relevant parties to register their interest in working with Landing Pads participants, to provide either paid or in-kind services and assist them in taking their next steps globally. Find more information here.

If you know anyone who’s interested, forward this email to them.

Looking at Fear differently

Watch the video

Are fears our friends or they just worsen people’s existence? When you start an idea or build your own startup, there’s a tendency in all of us to have the fear of rejection, the fear of wasting our time, or the fear to get it down. This video is a fun and insightful approach to the topic at hand made by Nata Metlukh from Vancouver Film School.

Say hello to Alexa, the new home helper gadget from Amazon.

“In this way, Amazon has found a surreptitious way to bypass Apple and Google — the reigning monarchs in the smartphone world — with a gadget that has the potential to become a dominant force in the most intimate of environments: our homes.” Learn about Amazon’s Alexa here.

Master your memory, Master your Pitch!

Do you have difficulty recalling names, numbers, or where you put your keys? Does the thought of giving a speech without notes terrify you? Chances are you are suffering from digital dementia, the inability of perfectly normal healthy people to memorise and recall.

Think that “losing things” is trivial? Think again. Our estimate is that the annual replacement cost of just those items left behind at airports is around $800M. Spend an hour a day losing things (and then having to stop what you are doing to find them) is the equivalent of 6 working weeks a year!

“The Lost Art of How to Find Things” is a a book that will save you hours of agony, forgetting, misplacing and losing your precious possessions. Support their Pozible campaign.

Facebook Tech Talk in Melbourne

The Facebook iOS Engineering Team is visiting Melbourne and Sydney 
Australia to speak about Instant Articles, a product for publishers to 
create fast and interactive articles on Facebook. During this tech talk, 
our iOS Engineers, Ben Cunningham and Martin Ortega will be discussing the motivations for making Instant Articles and the details about the rendering infrastructure that was created for presenting articles on screen. Ben and Martin will also take a deeper dive into how they’ve specifically handled animations and interactive layout transitions of photos and videos, the architecture behind those transitions, and how our team have made them interruptible. Join the night of refreshments, networking, and celebrating mobile innovations!

The founders of Atlassian, Canva and other “big idea” startups set to share their secrets at Vivid — StartupSmart

The brains behind some of Australia’s biggest startup success stories will be coming together to speak at a Sydney conference as part of the Vivid festival in Sydney. Hosted by Blackbird Ventures and Startmate, The Sunrise startup conference will celebrate founders who took a leap of faith to launch “big ideas”.

Register here to attend

Partner News: Collective Campus Podcast on Top Business News Podcast

Having launched Futuresquared (an Enterprise Innovation podcast) at the start of the year, Collective Campus had an array of insightful and distinguished guests on the program, including David Binetti, Niel Robertson, Fabio Oliveira and Humphrey Laubscher. The Futuresquared podcast is still young but has now hit Top Business News on iTunes in such a short period of time. Check out their podcast here and let us know what you think!

Events to Attend:

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